Alresford, Hampshire-30th December 2012

Location of Sighting: Alresford hampshire
Date of Sighting: 30-12-12
Time: 10pm
Witness Name: Sarah and Joshua

Witness Statement: i was walking my dog on the local rec about 10pm behind me was starlight in front of me looking towards cheriton way was small patch of cloud. I was aware looking towards cheriton an area of bright white light and within ths was one or two extremly fast moving lights flying at great speed left to right withing the ball of white light. It was dead silent and i watched for around 5 mins. My Son slept a friends house and has just ome home to say he and his friends had seen xactly the same thing but they saw one light dive down towards ground n disappear. There was no beams above or underneath and no plane could move at that speed or at the straight left to right movements ths was doing.


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Updated: January 5, 2013 — 8:01 pm


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  1. And not even a blurry picture on your mobile to confirm the sighting? 5 minutes is a long time to sort your camera out. Would be surprised if you hadn’t got yours with you at that time of night on the local rec., Sarah, at least for safety’s sake ;/

  2. Gary, is your needle stuck?

  3. Gary,

    looks like the new years resoluction of not being so negative is not working out for ya!

  4. Never made resolutions, can’t keep them. Glad you’re keeping an eye on me though, Chris 😉 Alan, that comment dates you 🙂

    It sounds like lasers to me. Awaits Chris’s retort on the lines of “where does no beams underneath or above” fit into my theory? 😀

  5. Gary’s not a “seriel debunker”, he’s a very naughty boy;-)

  6. Dont worry i make sure its on me now and i also get my hubby to come with me for the night time dog walk x

  7. This still haunts me and my son was just surreal

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