Amesbury, Wiltshire-17th April 2010

Location of Sighting: Amesbury, Wiltshire
Date of Sighting: 17th april 2010
Time: 21:05
Witness Name: Ray

Witness Statement: I observed what i thought was a satelite traveling north, after about 4 or 5 seconds the size of the object grew into a round ball about 10 times bigger than the normal size of a satelite this lasted for a further 10 secs aprox and then the light just vanished, as though somebody had flipped a light switch. Looking towards the west it was almost overhead.the night sky was completely clear so visability was perfect.I know from speaking to a friend that a friiend of his had spotted light in the sky over bournemouth at exactly the same time.From this i assume the object was very high in the sky to be seen both in bournemouth and amesbury at the same time.


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  1. I was travelling along the 303 at 10.00 Tuesday 12th October. I saw what i thought was an aeroplane coming into land at Boscombe down. As i drew nearer to Solstice services. I could see that it wasnt. It was small,Transparant but with a blue and yellow glow in the shape of what resembled a cross. It flew irratically above me on the right and side then over to the left by the bridge running over the 303. I could see it clearly but obviously trying to drive i couldnt focus on it for to long. I slowed down and as i drove on i could clearley see this thing in my wing mirror hovering just level with the bridge.

  2. This is not the first time i have seen unexplained objects over and around amesbury. I was travelling home from a late shift in Salisbury as i came along the salisbury road towards Amesbury. On the right hand sight there was 5 lights all set out at equal distance from each other hoovering over the fields. I know that the army do training in that area and did not think much about it. Then they split up and became wider apart still hoovering. Then one by one they flew up and away. I mentioned this to people and of course they said it was flares. Would flares not fade and then drop out of the sky not move upwards. I do not know what i have seen but i read in the local paper that people had reported this sighting i was not brave enough to do so.

  3. I lived in amesbury for about 3 years on the big housing estate that backs on to boscombe down. my route from work used to take across the flight path into the airfield from the north. when travelling home late at night (i never finished work earlier than 10pm) i would often see unexplained lights both over the airfield and in the skys surrounding it. I know that a lot of experimental aircraft have flown out of that airfield over the years….pictures of them have been published in magazines such as flight international and the MOD have denied their exsistance….but not all lights can be explained this way. I also served in the army and i know what things such as parachute flares look like. most of the things i saw in that area cannot be explained.

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