Andover-12th August 2016

Location of Sighting: Andover
Date of Sighting: 12 /8/2016
Time: Between 2am and 3am
Witness Name: Sarah Elizabeth James

Witness Statement: Was out watching meteor shower , saw an oval shaped bright light moving very fast across the sky changing direction several times then shot straight up in a straight line. I know it definitely wasn’t a meteor it had intelligent Direction.


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Updated: August 24, 2016 — 9:26 pm


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  1. I was in Bournemouth at the time and spotted the same thing, unfortunately my phone camera wouldn’t pick it up, but i was stood there in awe!
    I actually saw it zig zag for awhile, sit still and then as you say “shot straight off” east (which would be Southampton)

  2. I live in Andover and at around 3am in the morning my dog started crying to go out I opened the door but he would not go first I looked up and the 1st shot really fast across the sky then another from the other direction straight down it looked like they were playing in the sky like tag but the manoeuvres were way to fast and extreme at all angles to be anything I have seen before then one left extremely fast and the other shot straight up incredibly fast the angles that they were turning and at the speeds they were doing is unexplainable but this was in 2018 around September November

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