Anglesey, Wales-6th August 2013

Location of Sighting: Anglesey, Wales
Date of Sighting: 06/08/13
Time: 23:15
Witness Name: Huw

Witness Statement: At around 23:15 I went outside for a cigarette and noticed a shooting star so I observed it for a few second. I thought it looked strange as it had no tail and was moving rather slow and it fizzled out towards the end so I thought it must have been a small meteor.
I continued with my cigarette and turned around slightly and I noticed an extremely bright light in the corner of my eye where I spotted the ‘meteor’. I turned around to see the bright light in a static position and then start to move. As soon as it started to move another two extremely bright dots appeared and again at first they were static but then began moving roughly in the same direction. I observed these for around 20 seconds as they continued moving slowly and their brightness pulsed. I then noticed two more very bright dots on the other side of the sky and they began to move in the opposite direction to the others and then the final one appeared in the middle of these and was static throughout. After a further 20 seconds they all eventually dimmed to nothing.


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Updated: August 10, 2013 — 9:07 pm


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  1. Hi Huw,
    Interesting detailed sighting. The only thing that comes to mind (other than UFO’s) are Chinese Lanterns, especially as you say that they all eventually faded out. I wonder though if they were of an orange colour! -Paul

  2. Hi Huw, you were not looking towards RAF Valley? If you were, they may have been aircraft in the circuit for recovery.

  3. I saw something similar on 8th Aug at around 11pm, but only one very bright white light moving from west to east slowly moving, It wasn’t the ISS as I checked the tracker and ISS should have been over the med at the time. This looked like a bright star/planet not moving for a minute then started to move slowly I watched for several minutes then the kight disapeared.

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