Ashington, Northumberland-Jan 2012 to present

Location of Sighting: Ashington, Northumberland
Date of Sighting: From Jan 2012 to present
Time: Night and day
Witness Name: Davey White

Witness Statement: I am a taxi driver in Ashington, I mainly work night time but odd daytimes. There is constant very relavent activity of which over the past year in certain places around Ashington Newbiggin,Lynemputh, the old alcan factory, Guidepost and stake ford, I have managed to learn something about what I’ve seen. I’m not going to bore you with details, but if you email me I can give you specific details. Needless to say there is no puzzle here, anyone wanting to look up and even down will see exactly what I’ve been seeing. It’s there for all to discover, and it’s defiantly worth the trip if you have any interest in ufos.


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Updated: September 21, 2012 — 8:11 pm


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  1. Dave, I don’t mind being ‘bored with details’ so tell me the facts…..otherwise don’t waste my time posting.

  2. lets have your email address then , sso we can email you, it does not show up on the sighting, thanks Davey

  3. hi i would live you to bore us with the details please explain what you know so the rest of us can collaberate what we too have seen the skies are full of ufo`s thanks lolly1333

  4. please email me your details thanks lolly1333

  5. You need to give us your email address!

  6. If you can post just a snipet of sightings on this site, you might have my full attention,after all its why we log dont torment me,besides that much activity as you suggest,would not go unoticed by everyone else,why keep it to your self?sounds more imaginary than anything eles,

  7. Oh now i get it your trying to generate more buisness for cabbies

  8. Night time rates to boot,Very clever!

  9. stop insulting the guy telling him to stop wasting your time.

    If you put your email address here it will be spammed by the site, they sell your details

  10. You’re puzzling me, hidden. Your e-mail is required to post on here, so why have you posted?

    USOs and UFOs? As it’s one of the main low-level Tactical Training Areas for the RAF/NATO in the UK, I think they might be interested in your sightings


  11. Davey,

    What’s this all about then? I live in the same area and have no idea what you’re on about, so give us some more detail!

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