Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire-2nd September 2010

Location of Sighting: Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire
Date of Sighting: Thursday 2nd September
Time: 20.51 to 20.53
Witness Name: Leslie Hilton

Witness Statement: In the back garden waiting for the night’s International Space Station flyover at 20.53.46. I was checking the sky prior to the pass over of the ISS and saw a medium bright white star-like object slightly to the north of east quite low down and not where a star usually is at this time in early September and certainly nowhere near the ecliptic so it was definitely NOT JUPITER which was in the vicinity of where the ISS would later pass to the east. I then turned back to see if the ISS was visible but wasn’t yet so I turned around and looked towards the north east again and now I saw another white light of a slightly lower magnitude than the first proceeding away from the original one in a straight line downwards at about the apparent pace that a normal high altitude jet airliner would appear to move through the sky at. I had my binoculars with me to view the ISS and was able to train them on these two lights and they appeared to be solitary white lights, no flashing lights or green or red wing tip lights ruling out conventional aircraft. At just after 20.52 the ISS emerged from over the roof tops moving west to east, it’s passage being quite high in the sky on that particular orbit.
I kept my binoculars on it for a few more moments then checked behind me again for the two hereto unexplained lights and the second light was now moving perpendicular to it’s earlier direction.
My attention changed back to the ISS until it disappeared behind the rooftops to the east about a half minute later.
Looking back over my left shoulder there was now no sign of these two lights and there were no clouds in the sky, which wasn’t completely dark at this time for them to have passed behind.


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Updated: September 6, 2010 — 8:38 pm

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