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Ashton under Lyne Manchester-13th October 2011

Location of Sighting: Ashton under Lyne Manchester
Date of Sighting: 13th october 2011
Time: 7.55 pm
Witness Name: Netti

Witness Statement: I was on my way to work when out of my eye I noticed bright lights coming out of the park so I took a closer look I saw a oval craft with different coloured lights flashing different colours from red to green and yellow and white it was hovering just above the tree’s it looked like it was in trouble because it went side to side then suddenly it tipped forward down to the ground before leveling itself out again and made no noise at this stage I realized it was circular in shape it had what looked like a window and for a split second I thought I saw someone at this point I shouted my husband to come take a look he witnessed what I saw I took pictures of it with my phone I then went to work and told them what I had seen and discovered that someone else had also seen it then on saturday night another worker told me it was there for up to two hours before going towards mossley and that loads of people saw it too I did go to the paper but when they said I would after give my name and address I opted out I did not want people to think I was mad or something after that I always look up to the sky day or night when you wont believe this a year later about the same time it was a full moon clear sky 9pm at night except for four very bright stars in a row so I get out my phone put it on night vision and zoom in to take pictures when all of a sudden these stars shot of in the direction of manchester city centre at very fast speed when I arrived home I down loaded the pictures to my computer to see what they looked like and two out of the four were taken you can see red spheres you can also see aliens yes thats correct looking out of a window and what appears to be a man in a white space suit you can see pipe work a door with what looks like a sun on it and some sort of writing and loads more I have tried to get in touch with people to take a look at my pictures but has of yet no one has got back to me about the pictures I dont think people believe me I am a very sane person


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  1. message to one calling themselves “airman”.
    You say these balls contained humanoids, what makes you suppose that they are dangerous? you say you are well armed.
    If this craft supposedly in distress, and sent out theses bubbles with humanoids in “(I have no doubt that they were personal lifeboats)”, nice analogy. IF they have this capability no weapon that you may have would be any kind of deterrent. Also there’s no reason in your statement that conveys that these being are unfriendly. We here in the UK do not face fear with guns, we just stand up and be counted and face whatever. Goodluck, Takecare.

  2. Hi there,

    After reading your post here, I would recommend that you post your pictures on the website where you can also report your sighting and remain anonymous as well as communicating with other witnesses.

    Your story is very interesting and possibly worth a formal investigation.

    I’m sure those photos are amazing.

    Thank you

    Rob (UFO Truth Project)

  3. Airman,

    I would love to talk to you about your amazing experiance. Email me:

  4. A would like to see these photos you have netti plx

  5. Are you afraid Netti? I expect you have moved on in life. Are the photos posted yet? Will they be posted?

    Airman…………you say you have moved to a remote part of the USA Why? Aren’t you worried that they will find you ? Nobody can hide unless they live in a way that doesn’t need money . Maybe you are afraid. I just don’t understand why you need to move from here to USA; especially as any Govt can trace anyone.

  6. Watching the meteor shower last night,Langley point Eastbourne myself and three friends was laying on the beach, looking up,we all saw rheysane thing,all the stars were moving,erratic movements, some was together,doing the thing,dashing,zigzagging,stopping, thrusting for half circles,stopping,mirroring each other,sone were in threes, triangle shape,this lasted,45 minutes to hour,never seen anything like it in my life,any ideas,we has nothing to record on,but we know what we saw and it was well weird! 😕

  7. I would like to speak to Netti about the photographs. Please email me!!

  8. I saw what appeared to be an oval object very large shape in Stalybridge whilst traveling with my Dad in the car from Dukinfield it was not of any metal I have seen before or since it was bright and large and seemed luminous. Dad stopped the car and we just starred at it as it did not move. Suddenly 3 fighter jet came from behind us towards the object and it sped away faster than any plane and went upwards the jets could not keep up with it as it went to a dot in the sky. The jets went back the way they came. About 20 minutes had passed but it only seemed like a few minutes. This was in 1971.

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