Astley area of Leigh, Greater Manchester-27th May 2012

Location of Sighting: Astley area of Leigh, Greater Manchester
Date of Sighting: 27/05/12
Time: 10.50
Witness Name: Mike,Chris & Chris

Witness Statement: At approximately10.50pm on Sunday night 27th May 2012 just as the family were retiring to bed, a disc shaped object with lots of yellow lights and also blue and red lights around the sides and a clear white pulsating halogen type light at the top and one at the bottom was clearly seen hovering low in the sky.

It slowly hovered on its side to the right over Leigh cemetry and then turned flat again towards Manchester Road / Marsland green area.

The shape was.clearly saucer shaped with very bright halogen type lights. We grabbed a mobile phone and took a couple of pictures but they were poor quality and although we could clearly see it in the sky on our phone, the object looked miniscule. We watched until it moved out of our view.
We checked the news and web to see if anyone else saw it to explain what we had just witnessed – but cannot find anything.!!

Did anyone else witness this as it was amazing.It was to large to be remote controlled, it wasn’t a blimp or a helicopter and definately not a chinese lantern. It could clearly be seen by the naked eye – it was so bright but seemed to propell itself low across the sky, silently . Please can anyone explain it. We are most certainly watching the sky tonight with a video camera at hand.


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Updated: May 29, 2012 — 8:54 pm


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  1. I also seen this orbe like object!

    I was walking my dog at 10.30 in Sale, and over the Stretford area I saw this large bright object, it was bright silver and was twinkling with different coloured lights! The sky was so clear I knew this wasn’t a plane or blimp so I also tried to take a photo on my phone however it was not clear at all and looked TINY! Even thou it was so clear to look at! I phoned my Mum to come and witness the object as I thought I was going crazy ha! However by the time she met me it had gone behind a house and disappeared!

    Any update please let me know, so glad someone else saw this as I thought I was loosing my marbles and no one believed me when I was explaining it!

  2. Having said that it wasn’t a blimp, the Goodyear blimp was in your area at the time, as can be seen from the pilot’s log:
    “On Sunday we travelled to Old Trafford to film the exciting Socceraid match. This saw the likes of Robbie Williams, Olly Murs and Will Ferrell taking part in the football match to raise money for Unicef. We also had some exposure over Rugby and the Manchester City stadium Etihad.”
    I’m not saying it’s definitely what you saw, but it’s been mistaken for a ufo many, many times. More details:

  3. O thank you! It was probably that as I walked her after the soccer aid had just finished… Least I wasn’t going crazy haha!

  4. i saw the goodyear blimp on monday and if anyone mistakes that for a flying saucer they must be stupid.. i strongly believe in ufo’s and have witnessed a few strange unexplained things in my time but having seen the blimp over huddersfield on monday and read so many comments writing peoples sightings off as the blimp i just can’t beleive that anyone could mistake that for anything else but a blimp, the thing is huge moves very slow and has the sound of a microlite engine or other very small aircraft engine, it is so clumbersome in the sky and seems at some points to be rather uncontrolled, i think people that see strange things in the night sky are not seeing a blimp they are seeing unexplained things, the sighting on the m62 a few reports up from this one are VERY interesting.. of course people write them off as been utter bulls*** but i think they need to take a long hard look at the sky and give themselves a reality check as the activity in our skies seems to be a bit odd nowadays, especially between 1am and 4am ive stopped taking my dog out after work (im a doorman so get home around 2-3am) as i have become a bit scared if i dare say! i live in quite a peaceful place were the only sounds you hear are birds and the odd owl through the night but some things ive heard have been rather strange including quite a frightening horn type noise that was a VERY deep and VERY loud noise making me run back to the house and made my legs like jelly due to the extremely odd unearthly sound also a very large flock of geese shot up into the sky when this noise occured!.. also i seem to be able to hear a kind of road sweeping lorry noise sometimes too.. i live on a private road 4 miles away from any main road and the sound seems rather close almost as if it were above me. im no loony and to be honest im actually starting to think about moving back into the busy town because i feel uncomfortable when i can hear these noises, makes me feel 6 years old again hiding under the sheets terrified. like i said before im a doorman so im not a soft touch but theres something about these noises that gives me the heeby geebys

  5. I also witnessed a strange cigar shaped object flying object in a noth south diction across the east Lancs in the Astley area. I would describe it as a plane with no wings and my husband said it looked missile shaped? I have no idea what it was but it definitely wasn’t a hot air balloon. Very strange?

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