Astwood Bank, Redditch, Worcs-1st Januae

Location of Sighting: Astwood Bank, Redditch, Worcs
Date of Sighting: 01/01/2010
Time: 12;05am – 1:10am
Witness Name: Steve Baird

Witness Statement: Bright orange lights, heading south over Astwood bank, towards Feckenham, Evesham & Breedon Hill. These objects were travelling against the prevailing wind and at speed, I counted in excess of 35, all objects on similar track which appeared to be the width of my field of view say 10 miles. objects were travelling faster than a light aircraft but slower than a military jet, all were silent some larger and brighter than others.

I am familar with local aircraft tracks airways and behaviour patterns civil military commercial and private these lights were not lanterns or conventional aircraft


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Updated: January 4, 2010 — 9:36 pm


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  1. Sky lanterns – loads of people seemed to have them for Christmas.

  2. Pity Physics gets in the way of a good theory, they must have been lanterns with engines!

  3. Hi, not dismissing what you have seen, but the wind on the ground and the thermals in the upper level of the sky can go in opposite directions. You can see this clearly when high pressure is trying to dominate low pressure. Sometimes the clouds look the same height but go in different directions. Have you googled what you have seen, or contacted air traffic control?
    Best wishes graham

  4. I saw the same orahge lights in Bromsgrove at the same time. I took a video of two of them and there crystal clear. Nothing to do with clouds. Ive submitted it yesterday (15th Jan) so hopefully it will be up soon.

  5. i never said that what he has seen was clouds, i was making a point that you can have two different directions of air flow

  6. I also seen this with my own eyes I was having a cigarette out side the back garden of evesham road just near astwood bank. Soon as I sparked my cigarette I looked up in the sky and seen the object it was like a ball of fire it came closer to me it was like it was watching me then after 5 seconds it flew away I was in so much shock. In my eyes it was a ufo I had never ever in my life seen such object like that in my life it took me 19 years to say my side of the story I wish I recorded it.. So yes there is aliens out there

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