Balham, London-7th August 2010

Location of Sighting: Balham, London
Date of Sighting: 7th August 2010
Time: 11.30pm
Witness Name: Gemma

Witness Statement: Last night I was walking home in Balham and noticed two bright white lights in the sky, I at first thought they were lights of a low flying aircraft with a light at either end of its wingspan, although their was no noise at all coming from it. The lights moved across the sky and appeared to get brighter, they then changed direction by about 90 degrees and continued moving across the sky. Another light then appeared in the sky, a single, round orange ball, which appeared to be following the other two lights at a distance, the lights were moving quicker than an aeroplane or helecoptor would but not moving extremely fast. They seemed to move at a constant altitude. I almost asked a couple walking near to me to look up to see what they thought about it but I was just turning into my road and I decided to telephone my boyfriend to come and see because I didn?t want to be the only person to see it. I was also slightly nervous that I was the only person walking down my road and that I was witnessing a UFO sighting. A second single ball of orange light appeared in the sky, a fair distance from the other orange light and was moving in the same direction. The first two lights moving parallel to each other were becoming less visible and were either fading or moving upwards into the sky. My boyfriend came outside and I know he?s a UFO sceptic and I expected him to dismiss what we were seeing as something explainable. But he was as stunned as I was and at a loss for explanation. The first two lights had disappeared, we watched the orange lights move in precisely the same direction, travelling at a constant altitude until they faded or ascended, it was difficult to tell. I googled UFO sightings in London and came across this page. I read some of the accounts of sightings and see that there have been many sightings of something similar all over the country. I tried to upload a comment last night but due to a technical difficulty I have had to re-attempt this morning.


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Updated: August 14, 2010 — 12:58 pm

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