Ballingry – Fife, Scotland-16th December 2000

Location of Sighting: Ballingry – Fife, Scotland
Date of Sighting:12/16/2000
Time:1600-1945 PM
Witness Name: Ken Murdoch

Witness Statement:
As I was driving through Lochgelly (FIFE, the wife noticed several people looking through bino`s at a bright light in the sky). So we pulled over and looked up into the sky and saw this bright shining light which looked like a very bright star. (I say star as this object did not move) but it seemed too close to be a star.

We drove home and looking through the back window of the house it was still very visible 3 miles from where we had stopped in the car previous. I made a note of the time and it was 1730 PM. At 1845 PM the bright light had vanished.

I proceeded to go out and have a good look, but it was no longer there. I had watched this (bright light) for a good 20 minutes and it didn’t move change colour nor make a noise. Then I went to do something and when I went back it had disappeared. I describe this as a very bright light, bigger and brighter than at first thought to be the North Star, brighter and closer than ‘Hale Bop’ but, of course, not moving. Tonight, 17 DEC 2000 I have looked very closely for this object but, it has definitely gone.

Source:Source: David Christie archives

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Mark Roberts from the Scottish UFO Research Association. I work alongside UK-UFO to investigate Scottish UFO sightins. Please contact me to allow further investigation of this important sighting on
    Hope to hear from you soon

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