Bangalore (India)-24th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Bangalore (India)
Date of Sighting: 24th Aug 09
Time: 2100 hrs night
Witness Name: raju

Witness Statement: i was driving home with my friend i saw group of 6 green light & sky was cloudy it blinked & disapear in 2,3 secands it may be ufo. if u can answer what it could be


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Updated: August 26, 2009 — 5:30 am


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  1. if u hav an image plz post it.
    it may be the lights caused due 2 traffic / glowin posters etc……

  2. I saw a strange looking star like 10 minutes before i am typing. It was moving fast & i could be sure it was not an Aircraft coz it was just one bright light that moved fast i mean really faster than anything i have seen like a star.
    It had no tail, which confirms that it was not a meteor.
    i would like to know if anyone else saw this sighting in Bangalore & if someone can explain what it could be?

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