Bangor, Northern Ireland-13th August 2010

Location of Sighting: Bangor, Northern Ireland
Date of Sighting: 13-8-10
Time: 23:57
Witness Name: Steven & Michelle McCrea

Witness Statement: We had gone out into the back garden to watch the meteor shower, and noticed a bright light in the sky to the east. We both just assumed it was a star, however in the past 30-40 minutes watching for the shower, it appears to have moved a great distance in a relatively short space of time. The current location at the time of typing is:
54 degrees – 38′ 45″ N
S – 38′ 44″ W

Upon looking through the binoculars, it appears to be a round bright white light, surrounded by an aura/trail of orange haze. We have tried to take pictures of this, however have not managed to get one that has come out well.


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Updated: August 14, 2010 — 1:15 pm

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