Basildon, Essex-19th December 2013

Location of Sighting: Basildon, Essex
Date of Sighting: 19th December 2013
Time: 6.45 am
Witness Name: Neal Donovan

Witness Statement: I was in my back garden, the skys were clear and the moon was really bright lighting up the whole sky, I could see lots of stars, I heard an aeroplane so I looked up and then in the distance i see what I thought was a shooting star moving very quickly across the sky, just as it went behind the trees it started coming back moving more upwards and then another one was following rapidly behind, they were travelling at different speeds and at one point looked to be racing.I told people I work with and they just laughed at me and said it was meteor or shooting stars but they all have trails behind them, these didnt!


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Updated: December 22, 2013 — 9:50 pm


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  1. Hi Neal,
    Interesting sighting – firstly, you saw what you saw and you know it – if anybody makes fun of you – that’s their unbelieving problem! Secondly, by what you describe, these were not meteors.
    As to exactly what they were, who knows? – perhaps high seagulls in the distance, possibly high flying aircraft, (but very early for any fighter type operations I’d have thought). Finally, perhaps they were genuine UFO’s! -Paul

  2. I also saw that I shiverd like a leaf !!!!!

  3. Neal
    I have seen these before and I’ve seen them in daylight before too a few years ago on a very sunny cloudless sky myself and my girlfriend lay on the trampoline it must’ve been around 3 pm however I noticed very high up in the atmosphere a white dot travelling from west to east I live on the north east coast and they were heading out to sea but strangely my girlfriend noticed two similar white dots behind the one I seen after spotting them the two behind seemed as if they were racing but the they were both gaining on the sole spot I first seen
    They were moving fast and no vapour trail was left as a plane would

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