Basildon, Essex-27th January 2012

Location of Sighting:Basildon, Essex
Date of Sighting: 27/01/2012
Time: 14:35
Witness Name: Lee

Witness Statement: i was walking across the train bridge in the Knares going over to laindon link looking up at a chemtrail/contrail and the plane flying under it,when i noticed a bright silver orb / sphere above it at very high altitude that kept on climbing higher until it left the atmosphere and disappeared.There were a couple of school kids behind me that noticed it aswell…so im not going mad.

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Updated: January 28, 2012 — 3:54 pm


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  1. Don’t think you could eliminate weather balloon based on what you saw. It would certainly be just a contrail in the sky also. To date there is not one scrap of evidence as to the existence of “chemtrails”, other than that dreamt up by the harbingers of doom brigade.

  2. You could well be going mad, or paranoid. Chemtrails are the territory of conspiracy theorists..

  3. me and my gf witnesd same object in scotland at 252 am we watched it for oer 2 hours with binoculars

  4. I keep on seeing things like this aswell but in my opinion, I am just probably going a bit paranoid…

  5. Hi lee you not mad or bad or going nuts about ufos or chemtrails.
    Firstly your orb I’ve seen many I’m down in Southend. My wife and I even saw one hovering over the sea at Thorpe bay and after a while it dived into the sea with a splash. We both saw that and we also watched the dish shaped craft that was with the orb fly off at great speed low to the sea into open estuary. Chemtrails I can only say as I see. When I was a small child I would lay on my back in the garden and watch the trails, these were very different from today’s trails. Now they stay in the sky for hours spreading out and intertwining with new ones. After about an hour or so the blue sky has gone and all you can see is cloud but they are not real cloud they are from jets. That’s not conspiracy that’s fact of me as a person that watches the sky can see time and time again. As for the scince behind what’s in the cloud I can confess to not havering the knowledge to say one way or another.

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