Bedford-14th July 2012

Location of Sighting: Bedford
Date of Sighting: 14/7/2012
Time: 21:23
Witness Name: Simon

Witness Statement: The footage first:

Shot from:
MK40 1EQ (google maps it)
If you head north up the street on streetview you can see the tree on the right hand corner I was fighting to get a view past.

I saw this object approaching from the west a long way off. I thought it was the local police helicopter at first because there was a bright pinprick of light visible towards the bottom of the craft. The light was red in colour.
I was paying particular attention because I was wondering how near the ‘helicopter’ would come before I heard its rotors. Once its proximity was close enough to me make me realise the object wasn’t making any sound I ran to get my phone to try and video it.

As for the light, imagine the effect of landing lights on a commerial aircraft. You can see them a long way off as they come in to land; by the time I had retrieved my phone to try and video capture it, the object was already side on to me so the light isn’t visible in the footage. There were no flashing globes that you would see on a commercial aircraft.
It flew at the speed, height and distance that one would normally see a helicopter fly, perhaps a bit higher altitude.
Its movement was very steady, it didn’t jump around the sky, just proceeded its way casually towards wherever it was going. It approached from the west, and as it passed the location I started filming it started to head north east. I ran to keep up with it but it disappeared behind the buildings on the other side of the road.
Hard to tell the what the dimensions were, but it was clearly huge. Judging by how normal aircraft look at that altitude, it must have been at least 20m across.
I would be happy to discuss this experience with anyone who is interested.


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Updated: July 15, 2012 — 9:12 pm


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  1. looks like a balloon or binliner to me

  2. My immediate thought – it looks like a bunch of balloons to me, even to the point of rotating in the wind.

  3. Thats really strange whatever you captured there.
    I can see how this could get labelled a paper bag or the like blowing in the wind.
    Was the object rotating?

  4. Hi Simon,
    Your footage is amazing! I’ve watched it several times and it looks as if it’s spinning on it’s side? What do you think?

  5. Simon,
    I am not in any way attempting to question your sighting; I know from personal experience that there are definately things in our skies which we currently have no explanation for.
    Search for: catman529 on Youtube, do these resemble what you saw in any way?
    If not, then you may well have seen something more interesting.

  6. Thanks for the feedback! I don’t believe the object was rotating because of the light eminating from the front of the craft. It was completely steady, as if looking into a headlight; I would have expected some kind of pulsing or oscillation had the hull been rotating.
    I wish I would have started filming sooner because it would have helped to quantify both the speed and movement of the craft, and qualify why I noticed it as far away as I did. Although not dazzling, the pinpoint of light was very noticable from a long distance away, even in what was still almost full daylight.

  7. I am also moved to point out in case anyone has checked the streetview on google maps that all of the trees on the left hand side of the road have since been chopped down and most of the school building demolished to make way for construction of a retirement home, hence why I was able to see the object coming in from the west at a long distance.

  8. Simon

    Yeah I know what you mean. Hit the record button whenever you see something a tad strange in the sky. I know its easier said than done, but from my experience if you leave it too long, well..

    You may catch balloons or some other easily explainable object which you can always delete, but on the rare occasion you might just capture something mind blowing.
    good luck

  9. Have looked at it numerous times but I still can’t see anything unusual. No disrespect, Simon. In your position, I think I would have had camera shake, but there really is only 10 secs of shaky footage against which to make a judgment. The light you mention is not apparent on the footage.

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