Beeston, Nottingham-30th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Beeston, Nottingham
Date of Sighting: 30/06/2009
Time: 10.00pm
Witness Name: Alan N

Witness Statement: At first we thought it was a hot air ballon, but it was moving faster about 50 ft high. It moved accross our garden from Nottingham area towards Long Eaton, It was as if it was on fire, no noise and like a small ballon basket, It started to climb high and eventually dissapeared out of sight. It ended up much higher than a commercial airplane that passed over some 10 mins later..

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. this is exactly what I have seen this evening, all be it in a different location but about 10.37pm… very strange…

  2. I typed “ufo 30 june 2009” into google and found this page

    I Spotted this in Reading (Berkshire) on the 30th june 2009 at around 2230.

    Witnessed by by two other people.

    It was a very bright light, we too thought it could have been an air ballon or perhaps a chinese latern.
    It was impossible to tell how far away it was but a plane flew under it.

    I’m amazed you have spotted it in Nottingham as its so far away from Reading. This must have been seen my many people, and i would have thought Airline pilots would have reported it too!

  3. WE SAW THIS TOO. It was between 10 and 10.30. We live in Long Eaton. It looked like an orange ball, glowing like it had a candle in it. It moved silently across our back garden and turned north west(ish), towards the M1 motorway gaining height

  4. Chris,

    That is exactly what it could have been. My wife and I first saw these on holiday in Turkey but I have since them on sale here in a shop in Nottingham in Victoria Centre. Basically it is a very small light framed hot air balloon with a candle as the heat source. They rise slowly and drift with the prevailing winds which can, of course, be in different directions at different altitudes and are capable of reaching an altitude of a few hundred feet. They glow an almost eerie shade of orange and can last for several minutes before they flicker and go out.

    In Turkey they were often released in small groups of 5 or 6.

    Hope this helps.

  5. 30th June 2009 at 10.40pm.

    Saw what looked like a very bright star in Chorlton Manchester- phoned my Dad in London who likes stars and told him to have a look through telescope. As In was on the phone to him I realised the ‘star’ was on fire- it grew bigger as it moved silently across the sky. The fire then went out but the object which was by now a round black silhouette against the sky, continued to move steadily and quickly across the sky (there were no lights therefore not an aircraft and it was very very high when I first saw it so I would presume not a hot air balloon).

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be- I have never seen anything like it and rang the police and the BBC to report it but they were not interested!

  6. Hi i live in Sawley(Long Eaton) and on Monday 13th July 2009 about 12:30am ish i seen a bright triangle in the sky it looked like the bright space station, it lit it’s path up with like halogen lights, i have never ever seen bright white lights like this, it was one light which was in the shape of a triangle heading NE and many, many ,many ,miles in front and alot higher was another moving star the triangle seemed to be follwoing it, i have seen this same thing in the sky before doing the same thing. Anyway i follwed this with my eye in amazment only to look back at the house for 3 seconds when i looked back both had gone, disapeared. I was gutted i took my eyes of this because it was so closer than the same thing i seen a few months back, i knew what had happend because last time the smaller star type ufo slowed down,stopped then started in the direction of the bright white ufo then they both met in the sky and there was a massive flash up there like a pulsating explosion and they both dissapeared it was like a hyperspace type jump…weird but amazong, i see ufo’s up there every night……one night there was 5 stars all moving in different directions and at different heights!

    Anyone else see this on monday night?

  7. This was actually chinese lanters on fire, coming from a firework display.

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