Belfast-24th November 2011

Location of Sighting: Belfast
Date of Sighting: Early morning of 24th November 2011
Time: somewhere between 1am-4am
Witness Name: prefer not to say

Witness Statement: I sleep with my curtains open – I have no clock in my room. I opened my eves from sleep. The sky was cloudy. Through the cloud I could see a spinning black object. It was large. The shape was like the shape of the pieces in my sons magnet set. Over all flat and circular but made up with geometric shapes inside – it was not a solid circle. I could not see lights but the shape of this spinning black object. It passed the sky for aprox 5 seconds in the direction of south to north and disappeared. I was aware I have never seen anything like this. I could not find my phone by the bed to see what time it was. I went back to sleep but I had the feeling I woke up just to see this and I was wide awake.


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Updated: November 24, 2011 — 9:41 pm

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