Bellsbank, Dalmellington-10th November 2013

Location of Sighting: Bellsbank, Dalmellington Scotland
Date of Sighting: 10th November 2013
Time:b4pm ish
Witness Name: Brittany

Witness Statement:Brittany is my daughter. She is 14 and was in her bedroom. It wasn’t dark but was turning dusky. She happened to look out the window which views onto the woods and in our garden she saw what she describes as an egg type shape, dark coloured with glowing lights on the bottom. It was hovering and made no sound. She got a fright and was shaking then cried. The object flew away in direction of loch doon very fast. She said it was gone as quick as it had appeared. As if it appeared out of nowhere. Just wondering has anyone else ever seen anything strange in the skies around this area?


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Updated: November 11, 2013 — 9:00 pm


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  1. Hi there,
    Please tell Brittany not to be worried in the least, – I would have thought that this is most probably a ‘drone’ of some sort,
    maybe temporarily out of radio-control, – then, it may have got it’s control back and resumed it’s ‘normal’ operations.
    This is the most likely scenario, but it is only a theory! -Paul

  2. Nosy extra-terrestrials would be more feasable than Paul`s theories.

  3. Hi Brittany, your daughter appears to have had an interesting sighting and the description is unusual. Its flight path to the south is also interesting.

    I have two points to make:

    1.Paul may be right and it could be a drone. There again it could be a real UFO. If it was, any residual radiation will have dissipated. Albeit, go to the spot and see if there is any damage to the grass and foliage. Obviously, this is autumn/winter and there may not be many leaves left. However, if there are conifers it may tell a different story. Apart from shock did your daughter report anything else physically about the sighting?

    If you go on the web and type drones Brittany may be able to identify what she saw?

    You will have a beat bobby, perhaps a quiet word to see if anyone else saw the object? I would suggest Prestwick ATC, however where you live at that low level radar would be confused by ground clutter.

    2. Is everything aok in your daughters life? Family relationships, her relationship with you? School, bullying? I ask this because sometimes teenagers, for all they know it all, sometimes need help. That cry for help can be unusual in nature. Sometimes a chat, hug and reassurance is what is needed.

    I wish you luck in your search for an answer.

  4. Lets forget the possible alien aspect and concentrate on the extremely disturbing fact that this ‘drone’ was potentially spying on a 14 year old girl in her bedroom. Who does it belong to and why are they not being reported to the police ?
    I would suggest this should be reported immediately. Have any of Brittany’s classmates ever seen this object ?

  5. Bad Grammar above should read – You will have a beat bobby, perhaps a quiet word to see if anyone else saw the object? I would suggest Prestwick ATC, however where you live, and with the object being sighted at such a low level, most radars would be confused by ground clutter.

    Please remember the low flying rule applies in this case, if of course the sighting is genuine? Its flight path is of interest as well.

    The object itself could be one of the drones that was mentioned by Nemo in a Sunday Times report. I share Nigel’s view and concerns.

    Brittany, I would have a word with your local police. If you have any problems doing so, just mention that the object was low flying. The Police, RAF and CAA take a very dim view of incursions of this nature. The RAF / Navy have a base at Prestwick.

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