Bessacarr,Doncaster-4th January 2012

Location of Sighting: Bessacarr Doncaster
Date of Sighting: 04 0-1 2013
Time: 19.55
Witness Name: Dave Ingham

Witness Statement: Looked up to see a cluster of lights traveling slowly across the night sky, there seemed to be lights on the end of lightning type forks. Looked like an xray of the internal lung but with untermittant lights at the ends. Phoned friends who also witnessed it and described the same.


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Updated: January 15, 2013 — 8:06 pm


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  1. Welcome to the world of Chinese Lanterns…..

  2. Dave,

    Have you read tthe other report on this site from the same area within 5 minutes of your own?

    Same thing?

    I am not going to say that you have elaborated on a report already recieved before your own, or are in cohorts with that person to mislead others.
    Although I am sure someone will accuse you of this! but I am not one of them.
    It is certainly an interesting report with a possible associated sighting which is a rarity.

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