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Between Bennacott and Whitstone Cornwall-14th August 2011

Location of Sighting: on B3254 between Bennacott and Whitstone Cornwall
Date of Sighting: 14 August 2011
Time: 22:30 – 22:40
Witness Name: Matthew Delaforce

Witness Statement: Hi, Last night Sunday 14th August at about 10:30 pm I was driving from Launceston to Redpost in Cornwall along the B3254. As I approached the Witstone area, (I was just passing the halfway point between Bennacott and Whitstone on the B3254), when I saw an orange light flying lowish from the north west direction straight toward me, I was expecting it to be a police helicopter as I had only just passed a load of police cars parked in the village of Ladycross, so I pulled up on the empty road and opened my window to listen. I heard no sounds from it at all as it went right over head. It actually looked like a large Chinese Lantern would I guess but the orange light at its centre didn’t flicker like a candle flame might have, it was a steady orange light which frl below only slightly illuminated the surrounding sections of the object. Moonlight illuminated the outer sides more than the orange light itself.
It could have been a large Chinese lantern perhapse released from some area between Weeks StMary and Whitstone, but it was so odd to have it fly horizontally past in a south easterly direction on a practically still clear moonlit night. I thus turned the car round and drove after it as much as I could along the B3254 looking for a good spot to park. However it went further east of the main road and I soon lost sight of it. It seemed to be drifting in excess of 40 miles per hour the way it got away from me and there didn’t seem to be a strong wind that I remember to account for its speed through the sky.
The last thing I saw of the object was it heading perhaps towards the “StGiles on the Heath” area (North of Launceston), I had briefly stopped on B3254 road near West Curry after having turned round to go after it, then I lost sight of it when I drove on further down the road to locate a proper pull-in point to stop try study the object.

The last sighting I had of it a few minutes previous was of it possitioned aprox 30 degrees above horizontal, against the thin moonlite high clouds, it still looked like a dark object with a orange light near it’s centre. The Moon was further to the south than the object and moon light did seem to be illuminating the right hand side of the object more than the central orange light itself, but I didn’t have enough time to stare and study it that minute as I was stopped on the open road.

This brief last sighting of the object before I moved off to find a safe parking area, reminded me of the final shot in Close Encounters, when the mother ship goes off in to the distance.

This could quite easily be a large chinese lantern, but one which at the time seemed odd as it flew / drifted horizontally and headed in a south easterly direction while the clouds which were moving seemed to be moving south west.

Any one else seen a large chinese lantern like object in the north cornwall area in August?


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Updated: August 15, 2011 — 8:18 pm


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  1. Matthew Delaforce

    Since this sighting, I have researched all known types of Chines Lanterns on the internet and have yet to find any that would answer the question, was this a Chinese lantern.

  2. Matthew Delaforce

    I have since created an Artist rendering of the UFO I saw.

    No other information has been presented to prove it was a Chinese Lantern of any kind and no one else I have told this sighting to has ever been able to suggest any known flying machine, it’s still a true UFO as it’s unidentified.

    Additionally other people have seen orange lights in the area over the last several years, as well as in the last couple years, there is still currently some activity not associated with any known flying machines.

    The image I created for my sighting of 2011 is visible on Facebook if you care to look me up on it.

  3. The Bude to Whitstone area has seen a few reports of orange and other individual coloured lights flying in from the coast and hovering about, before vanishing out to sea or just vanish. Some in 2011 at the time of my sighting were seen in the Launceston areas, reported on other sites though. However a few weeks later from my sighting a report of a light seen near Bude was made.

    See sighting for “Bude Cornwall 23 August 2011” as an example.

    Another sighting of a light was reported in June 2018 near Red Post. Someone saw a fast moving white light which appeared out of the ordinary.

    No Chinese lanterns have been reported in the area so far to answer the sightings and no normal aircraft either have been suggested to be possible explanations.

    We do get lots of military exercises in recent years, but those are normally all finished by sunset.

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