Between Newcastle And Gateshead-6th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Between Newcastle And Gateshead,  Tyne And Wear
Date of Sighting: Saturday 6th of June 2009
Time: 11:30 – 11:45pm
Witness Name: Shaun Fiddes

Witness Statement: at around 11:30-11:45pm we had seen around nine strange lights in the sky all going in the same direction from the newcastle area towards the metro centre they came across the sky and as they got half way towards the bensham area in Gateshead they flow up higher then disappeared, they moved acrooss with no sound, strange it maybe but true

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. My friend and I saw them from Stocksfield on the 16th of feb at around 7pm, 2 bright lights dancing round each other and darting around the sky, they were travelling miles in no time! My sister also saw them from Chopwell at around the same time, we didn’t have a clue what they could have been but reading this makes it seem like it may have been something strange! If anyone has any idea please let us know!

  2. My son came running in the house at about 5pm one night in November 2009 (it was getting dark by then) shouting a plane was on fire. I rushed outside to see a bright orange flickering light in the sky heading over Winlaton southwards. There was no sound, no flashing lights with it like a plane has and was travelling quick fast. It disappeared behind clouds. I even rang the police cos I couldve sworn it looked like an engine on fire! My friend saw 2 similar lights the week after going over Blaydon southwards too. No idea what they were either.

  3. in the last two months have seen orange lights . first time two orange lights came fast through the sky then slowed down and went strait up until no more insight then tonight same time around 10pm one orange light coming througth the sky and then going strait up until cannot see any more

  4. this was in the throckley area

  5. Me and my friend seen a orange and purple light going in a diamond shape around a star it shot off to the star next to it, back to the original star then shot off. We were looking at it from beacon Lough road up towards the QE hospital. This happend around 2006ish August/September time around 11pm/11.30pm.

  6. Two orange orbs seen from my living room window approx 400 metres flying low following Old Durham road towards Newcastle. Did sharp 90° turn to right and seemed to follow River Tyne to East. One flew high, zoomed down and repeated this 3 or 4 times like a big dipper .It did this while keeping up with other orb.approx 2008.

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