Between Newcastle And Gateshead-6th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Between Newcastle And Gateshead,  Tyne And Wear
Date of Sighting: Saturday 6th of June 2009
Time: 11:30 – 11:45pm
Witness Name: Shaun Fiddes

Witness Statement: at around 11:30-11:45pm we had seen around nine strange lights in the sky all going in the same direction from the newcastle area towards the metro centre they came across the sky and as they got half way towards the bensham area in Gateshead they flow up higher then disappeared, they moved acrooss with no sound, strange it maybe but true

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. I also spotted these lights in Newcastle when i was in the Bigg Market around 11.30pm. It was very strange. They all glided through the sky in a straight line with no noise. Some were too close together to be a plane or helicopter. Other people are saying that they are chinese lanterns but they couldn’t have been as they all flew in a straight line at the same speed.

  2. hi i also seen these lights as i was standing at my back door having a tab when this wight light flew over my head and went behind a cloud then all of a sudden there was about ten of them going round and round in a circle i think it was a ufo very strange as they came back the next night at exactly the same time

  3. OMG if I hadn’t seen them for myself I wouldnt believe it, 11.25pm 13th June 2009. I live at the top of dunston bank and have a view over gateshead and newcastle. A formation of of nine orange lights asending up over bensham, a diamond shape with a tail that went up then disapeared with no sound. A tried to tape it but had no charge in my camera. One minute later, travelling at speed a helicoper flew over the area circuling gateshead and newcastle. These lights were not travelling across the sky but upwards. I am totally freaked.

  4. Hi ,im a taxi driver and on sat 6th june i was picking someone up at central station i got to the traffic lights at newcastle bridge it was on red,,,, when i then seen about 20 orange lights in the sky coming from the east in a straight line very strange i am really keen to find out what these were,,,if any one knows then share it,totally strange stuff

  5. I could’nt believe it when I saw these orange lights in the sky at around 11.30pm on Saturday 13th June. I live not far from Dunston Bank and from my conservatory I had a clear view of them. As Anna mentioned, a formation of around 8 or 9 started to form a line and then slowly move towards the Bensham area. I didn’t actually see any helicopter following later on, but the organge glow and the shape of the objects was very strange indeed. I’m not convinced it was a training exercise of some sort.

  6. I live in the Throckley area of Newcastle. On Thursday 4th of June I was letting my dogs out before bed when I saw a group of strange lights over to the east, they were dancing around in the sky and definitely not lanterns or aircraft. I called to my partner who came outside and saw them with me for about a minute and at one point one of them left the group and headed towards us did a large circle then headed back to the others. I ran inside and got my camera which can take movie’s and caught the very last few seconds of the lights before they faded and disappeared. These lights where in the clouds, which were low at the time and fixed in a solid position when they stopped. In my footage you can just see two of the lights before they fade and disappear. I’m devastated that I didn’t get more video or have time to put better settings on my camera.
    I always wanted to see lights in the sky, but now I’m desperate for an explanation as to what they were.
    One of my work mates lives in Chopwell also saw them the same night and time.

  7. jason shakespeare

    me and my wife saw 9 golden balls of light whilst talking to our neighbour, at around 11.30pm, they came from the newcastle area at great speed and seemed to travel in pairs, then each one of them slowed down and seemed to get higher in the sky, there was no noise, no flashing or pulsating lighting that u would find on normal aircraft, and the speed they travelled at was amazing to come to a complete standstill, we looked in shock, they were being controlled by something because one of the objects at one point moved up out of the way of another oncoming orb then moved back to its origanal position once the other one had passed, they were there for about 2mins and then seemed to burnout or disapear from sight, and then a short while afterwards a helecopter not sure if it was police, circled the area that the strange orbs had been, really freaky stuff, and they were definatley not lanterns of any kind, they had some kind of silient propulsion system, because of the sheer speed they were traveling at???

  8. I too saw these lights! i was driving down Bensham bank going towards Lobley Hill, i noticed there were 8 bright lights in the sky then another appeared, i pointed it out to my dad and he thought it could be helicopters or some saught. It wasnt until the next day i think, my dad pointed it out in the paper that someone had taken a photo of the same thing but above Ullswater in the Lake District, pictures can be seen if you search ‘lights over ullswater’ on google.

  9. August 29th at 9.45pm

    I just came home from the town with my friends and we saw three strange lights flying across the air high and fairly fast. one att he front and 2 at the back side to side in the shape of a aeroplane. Then suddenly one dissapears and after 30 seconds another one follows up behind and then another 3 came one after another. People were standing on the streets saying there have been more before you came. Mysterious, I know.

  10. I was out for a wal last night leaving the house at approx 9.10. between about 9.15 and 9.40 I saw close to 30 of these orange lights. you could see them coming towards and going away with the same intesity of light and at no time could I hear any engine noise. The passed almost exactly over the queen elizabeth hospital heading from east west to east. They passed over in 2’s, 3’s and a couple of time in 5’s, I am sure one even changed direction to a southerly course before heading back to an easterly course. I have not got a clue what they were but a couple of jets went past at high altitude and even then you could see more than one light on the plane, these orange lights looked like a single light which did not flash but more flickered like a flame. I thought astroid shower at first but they were very clearly below the cloud layer.

  11. I was in Asda The Galleries Washington, Tyne and Wear last night October 5th 2009 @ 8:20pm when I looked up to see to orange lights in the distance. At first I thought it was helicopters (Ilove the sound of helicopters and watch them whenever I get the chance) but then realised theer was no sound. I was concerned if they were aeroplanes because of the closeness of their course, however a plane came into the sky heading towards Ncle airport and so the highlighted the big difference between it with white and red flashing lights and the orange orbs. The orange orbs travelled one behind the other then the orb at the back went closer and beneath the orb in front then disappeared. there were other people in the car park watching this including one of the guys from asda who was collecting trolleys. He said he had tried to take a photo of it on his phone. It was very strange. did anyone else see these last night?

  12. Did anyone else see the orange ball in the sky last night (2nd November 2009) approx 10.30pm. I was driving through Washington with my partner when we noticed what i first thought to be a Chinese Lantern floating above my car in front of me, as i focused i realised the shape was circular and way in the distance, but large enough to make out a flickering ‘fireball’ effect to the shape.

    The ball headed eastward over washington at a speed faster than any plane i usually see (there are many planes head over washington) and was also totally silent, as i followed it, it seemed to be moving at a regulated speed (although fast) across the sky, until at one point, the ball sped up rapidly, disappearing from a ball to a speck within a split second and covering a massive distance in this time. The dot of orange light then disappeared from sight.

    I am presuming ths was a meteor or comet of some sort, but anyone in or around Washington on that clear night could not have failed to notice this bright light moving through the skies…?

  13. A dull explanation, but like others I’ve noticed orange flickery lights flying over the skies of Gateshead from time to time. They twinged my curiosity so I got out a pair of bins and looked at one. It was a balloon. For the last couple of years it has been possible to buy Chinese balloon lanterns in the UK they appear as orange flickery blobs from a distance.

    The lanterns do not fly too high, a few hundred feet typically, and are at the whimsy of the wind, so due to their proximity to the ground they can appear to have tremendous speed, but then suddenly stop if the air is turbulent.

    They can also instantly disappear, if the fuel runs out so does the light.

    Might not explain all experiences but could shed some light on some. If you’re on the fence buy one and try it, they’re not that expensive.

  14. The lights are back.
    My daughter and her friend saw the lights last time. Tonight she came running in saying ‘the lights are back!’
    I went out to look. They were white and travelled one way across the sky across Birtley. They vaguely resembled the Northern Lights but travelled straight rather than wiggly.

  15. Think they might have been back this evening. Around 17:15 we noticed what appeared to be 4-7 bright orange lights over the Team Valley. When we got closer there seemed to be a dark unlit object at the centre of the formation. Anyone else see this?

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