Bicester North Railway Station, Oxfordshire-19th March 2011

Location of Sighting: Bicester North Railway station, Oxfordshire
Date of Sighting: 19/03/11
Time: 2.30pm
Witness Name: Steve & Deb, from Birmingham

Witness Statement: We were standing on Bicester North railway platform watching the guilders when a silver sphere shaped object appeared by a tree on the far side platform and moved from S to N in a perfect horizontal motion at a continual speed, without any deviation or change in size. There was no sound, no wind, no wings, no tail, nothing. Half way acrross our view it blinked – it went from silver to black by way of an eyelid-like motion then silver again. It did this twice then disappeared behind another tree but did not reappear the other side. Neither of us could explain what we’d just seen. It was 2.30pm and clear blue sky and no clouds whatsoever. We could not gauge how far away it was or how large as we had nothing to try and compare it to. We do not feel that it was a weather balloon as how could it change colour in that fashion with nothing to cast any shadows on it, and not deviate with wind currents? It was in view for approximately a minute or so while we stared at it in bright daylight.


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Updated: April 5, 2011 — 9:01 pm

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