Biggar, South Lanarkshire-12th January 2013

Location of Sighting:Biggar, South Lanarkshire
Date of Sighting: 12th January 2013
Time: 9pm
Witness Name: Steven Watson

Witness Statement: On Saturday night from around 9pm til 4am Sunday I witnessed what looked like some strange light(s) in the sky. I live in Bigger, South Lanarkshire in Scotland ? A few miles from the start of the Scottish Borders.

At first what I thought I was looking at was either a bright star in the sky or an aeroplane. However, having watched it for 5-10 minutes I was intrigued enough to get my binoculars. On closer inspection it was clear that the light was not coming from an aeroplane. From a distance the object looked like the brightest star in the sky with a fair amount of illumination in the sky around it. Through the binoculars the object appeared to be a series of blue, reddish, purple and white lights almost like a kaleidoscope of colour and appearing in a state of flux and flirtatious movement. The intensity of the light appeared to vary over a period of time and the object moved across the sky as you would think a star or planet would.

From my location I initially viewed the object whilst I was looking 135 degrees south east from my home in Biggar (According to the compass on my I-Phone).

I?m intrigued to find out and understand what this was as I never seen anything like this before.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Probably Sirius.

  2. Assuming it was fairly low in the sky I think it was almost certainly Sirius, which is well known for its twinkling and apparent changes of colour, and was in exactly the right position at the reported time. Jupiter was in the same direction but higher in the sky, and being a planet it doesn’t tend to twinkle as much as a star does.

  3. Hi Steven – Forgive me if this is totally wrong but it does sound a lot like the star Sirius – which is the brightest star in our sky, after the sun, and it twinkles and gives colour like no other. It was at 135 degrees at that time. If you are new to astronomy it totally fascinates as there is no other star like it.

    If you know it was not Sirius please do not be annoyed. I would recommend downloading and installing ‘Stellarium’. You tell the software where you are and it will give you an immediate view of your sky in real time. You can zoom in and out, change your point of view and so on. There is even a plugin that will show satellites in real time.

    Anyway – happy hunting. Phill

  4. Hi Steven, this is most probably a bright star called Sirius.
    It would have been in that part of the sky at around 9pm, the interesting array of colours seen is due to the star light being split into the primary colours by the atmosphere.

  5. I,m almost tempted to say that this was a pass by the international space staition which can be very bright,but as far as i,m aware the ISS dosn,t normally display any colour exept maybe a hint of blue,who knows maybe someone else can solve this one,cheers.

  6. sounds like a star,

  7. Hi Steven

    I saw this very same object and realised that it was the star Sirius low on the horizon.

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