Billingham, Teeside-17th December 2013

Location of Sighting: Billingham, Teeside.
Date of Sighting: 17 Dec 2013
Time: 15:30
Witness Name: Paul

Witness Statement: Hi i was at my cousins house helping him move in it was about 3:30pm when he said ” I’m going for a smoke in the back garden” so i followed him out and we were looking in his garden at this overhanging tree from next door which was wrecking the fence it was at that point that I noticed this orange to white light in the sky about 300 feet high it was under the clouds and they were low and grey so it stood out like a sore thumb and that’s when I said” seen that light what is it” and just as I said that it disappeared and reappeared and started darting about doing mad dives then hovering and we both looked at each other and we just knew this was a ufo it all lasted about 2minutes before getting bigger in size and disappearing for good we both decided not to tell anybody but that night I stayed at his on the couch ready to do more work on his house when early hours of the morning I woke up and had this fuzzy throbbing feeling in my head and had a urge to look out the window where we had seen it the next day we joked on about it saying maybe they had just dropped us off and stuff but something is going on strange but true


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Updated: December 18, 2013 — 10:58 pm


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  1. A balloon caught in the updrafts and downdrafts at 300ft?

  2. Hi Paul,did you notice any missing time?

  3. Invisible Flying Pig

    I don`t wish to cast doubt on your story,fella, but just why would you not tell anybody ? THAT has to be the most questionable aspect of this rather dubious tale.

  4. Hi guys this was no balloon they don’t disappear and reappear and hover and the reason I did not want to tell anybody was because I don’t want people to think me and my cousin are lying….. Honestly you had to be there to believe and Adam I don’t recall any time missing maybe during the night but I was asleep. Can’t get my head round it it’s driving me crazy….

  5. Hi Paul,
    Interesting sighting – I would at first also suggest a Chinese Lantern and yes, (Reality) possibly a balloon also perhaps with cloud obscuring it at times.
    I doubt if you or your friend were ‘abducted’ in any way though!
    Lying on a couch is not especially comfortable and the throbbing in your head may well have been a result of this (nerves/muscles/circulation) affecting your neck.
    I understand your not wanting to tell anyone in case of ridicule, but you both say that you saw what you saw and if it is totally true then you should stick by it.
    The ‘jury’ is out on this one at the moment I feel!! -Paul

  6. You said it was low cloud, balloons enter clouds! Secondly, the wind, as it can near the surface, stop blowing, hence the hover.

    The fuzzy throbbing feeling may have nothing to do with this. It could be as diverse as alcohol induced or even mild carbon monoxide poisoning!

    Like IFG – I have my doubts about all of this!

  7. You have probably seen your first UFO – just be prepared for the fact that others who haven’t had the experience wont understand it – and many will try and explain it away.

    Also – you are never likely to have an understanding – the whole phenomena is too strange and complex – with so much dis-information

  8. At last! You’ve finally revealed why you have no opinion.You are so wrapped up in conspiracy theories, you can’t see the wood for the trees. Hence, 100% of the sightings on here are extra-terrestrial in origin; there are lots more witnesses but they are all hushed-up by MIB. Am I right?

  9. Well said Gary! Dealt with at last by his own petard! “The whole phenomena is too strange and complex”. If its too hot in the kitchen then you know what you need to do Alderley!

  10. “the whole phenomena is too strange and complex – with so much dis-information”

    Is it? I mean, let’s look at things from a clear perspective (rather than starting at the point where you believe there’s some massive cover-up): I’ll use my experience, across the years, for a guide. I began, forty odd years ago, as an interested observer of the subject of UFO’s; I read every book, magazine, report, whatever, that I could get my hands on. I was, if you like, a ‘believer’, convinced we were being visited by aliens, and that there were certain factions that didn’t want us to know. However, time and experience tends to educate: I began to look for the real, actual, irrefutable evidence, the solid proof that UFO’s were of alien origin, and I couldn’t find any. I still can’t. I agree, the likelihood is very strong that there is life ‘out there’ somewhere, but I simply cannot find any proof that we have been visited by extra-terrestrials. Now, this is where it gets interesting: given that there is, in fact, no information, how can there be dis-information? Where is this dis-information? Roswell as weather balloon? Likely and logical explanation; Rendlesham as lighthouse? Agreed by locals. That’s not disinformation, that’s likely explanation. Now, if you can show me an example of clear cut, actual cover up evidence I’m all ears, but I’ve looked for it, and I can’t see it. Here is, after all, the crux: there are thousands of people across the world with telescopes trained on the skies, thousands of people watching aircraft avidly, professionals and amateurs – how do you keep them quiet? Surely someone, somewhere, sees something more than just lights in the sky? Because, after all, it has to be more than just lights in the sky – for me – to be convincing. I don’t think the subject is complex at all – it’s down, in no small part, to people not understanding what they are looking at.

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