Bingley ,West Yorkshire-14th August 2010

Location of Sighting: Bingley ,West Yorkshire
Date of Sighting: Saturday 14th August 2010
Time: approx 9.45 pm
Witness Name: Dave

Witness Statement: My wife called me to look at group of bright lights in the sky moving towards us .They were clearly visible from inside house ,but we went outside to look. 3 orange lights , 2 at the front 1 behind from N.W [Skipton ] direction–they flew then all turned towards south [ Halifax ]. I am interested in planes ,but there was no engine noise or aircraft type strobe / different lights. We both thought they could be helicopters to start with, but there was no such noise .Couldnt see outline /shape only lights .
We went round front of house to look again and approx 2 minutes later 2 more objects flew overhead following same path .
I phoned Leeds/bradford airport 15 minutes later to report and they said they had already had e-mails about them.
I am sure they weren,t lanterns or similar ,but did consider small RAF trainer group or aerobatic group returning from event. The first 3 were difinitely in formation.
I thought I could hear very low hum but my wife said it was traffic noise .
I think the unusual points were the lack of all expected aircraft features- no strobe lights , no noise ,the formation [ the front 2 could have almost been joined [ would have made enormous ‘wing’ .]


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Updated: August 15, 2010 — 7:31 pm


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  1. just to confirm, i saw the 2 lights you mention from my back garden in the Bolton Road area in Bradford. Bright as anything they were and no noise whatsoever. A plane had passed the usual flight path about 15 mins earlier and you could see the plane light flashing its outline and the noise, in comparison the 2 lights were much higher, 50 times brighter and travelling far apart but in unison and soundless. Unfortunately I didnt see the 3 you first mention bit will be keeping my eyes peeled from now on.
    What on earth were they??

  2. I saw these 2 lights on 22nd august near bolton junction bradford 2. I saw them at 10:30pm when my brother noted seeing them whilst out in the garden. They were just stationary, then disappeared. My brother got out the camcorder and out it on nightvision and they were still there. After a while observing them, they then disappeared!

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