Black Cylinder Shaped Object-Swineshead, Lincolnshire-15th July 2017

Location of Sighting: Swineshead, Lincolnshire
Date of Sighting: 15.07.17
Time: 9.40pm
Witness Name: Hayley
Witness Statement: I witnessed a black, cylinder shaped object in sky at first i thought it was hot air balloon basket as i also saw what i thought was an orange flame intermittently flicking on and off every 10 seconds or so, but, after realising it had no balloon and the orange which i thought was a flame was only at bottom right of the object and was less flame and more bright piercing light realised it was a ufo. It rapidly travelled without any sound at all and before i knew it was far off in distance heading towards Coningsby.


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Updated: July 18, 2017 — 8:27 am

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  1. I’m quite sure Coningsby, a QRA base with Typhoons on ready alert at all times, would have responded had this craft been anything unusual. The radar they have access to does not get more sophisticated.

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