Black Oval Object-Chesterfield Derbyshire-2nd October 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Chesterfield Derbyshire
Date Of Sighting :
2nd October 2019
Witness Name:
Ray F
Witness Statement
My wife and I were stood on our back doorstep at 10 past 12am when my wife noticed a black oval object directly above us It seemed very high and she asked me to look, I saw this object and it was going in a northerly direction and as I looked it gathered speed and went northwards at an alarming rate, certainly faster than any object I have seen before and disappeared over the horizon in less than five seconds. It was oval in shape and I estimate it to have been over 38 thousand feet as the aircraft around here are normally at this height.
I was a serving member of The Royal Air Force for ten years and have never seen anything move this fast before I checked with the Flightradar app and nothing was showing so I can only guess as to what it was but as I have said we have nothing that can accelerate at that speed. We are both 67 and we both saw it.
Updated: October 9, 2019 — 6:19 pm

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