Blundeston Lowestoft Suffolk-13th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Blundeston Lowestoft Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 13th June 2013
Time: 10.45pm
Witness Name: Ruth & John

Witness Statement: John put the dogs out last night at 10.45 PM last port of call for the dogs before we went to bed,

John walked round the back garden with them and he looked up and saw this huge white glowing light coming over the bungalow about as high as a trip plane, it was traveling at an average speed no noise whatsoever coming from it ,it looked like a massive Planet except it was moving, John came quickly in doors and rushed to the conservatory to get his binoculars and shouted to me come and have a look at this ,well I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it, it was so bright it was heading for the southeast ,as it moved further behind the trees out the front way where the big oak tree stands just outside the drive way , I went into the lounge to have a look out of that window and it was heading for the sea veering off to the south.

I emailed the local air base in Norfolk to let them know what we had seen and hopefully we might get a reply. It was not a plane as it had no navigation lights just a very intense white glow we would have heard an engine if it had one, you can hear a pin drop out here at night as it?s so quiet.


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  1. I believe it was almost certainly the International Space Station or ISS you saw, Ruth & John. It was at its highest point at approximately 10:43 that night. It was too cloudy for me to see it in Ipswich on Wednesday and Thursday, but I saw it perfectly on Monday and Tuesday nights. Your description of it as a massive planet is exactly how I described it to a friend after I saw it the first time. It really is an amazing sight, and definitely gives the impression that it could be a ‘UFO’. There have been loads of sightings reported on here recently, but after 19th June, it will not be visible again from the UK until 22nd July. You can find information on this and other satellites at but remember to enter your location or the data will be useless to you. Also while we are on BST remember to add an hour to the published times as they are in GMT.

  2. The ISS was passing over at the time you mention.

  3. By the sounds of it I’d say you saw a genuine UFO, the description sounds very much like what I saw a couple of years ago in another part of England. I too thought it was a Planet at first. Very bright, like the Star of Bethlehem.

  4. Hi, sorry to keep this brief (Been up for 25hrs and need to zzZ)… it sounds very much like the International Space Station. There are dozens of reports on this site over the last few weeks as the ISS’s orbit has been favourable for UK observations. Have a scroll through the threads and also look at to see if your sighting ties in with an ISS pass. Let us know what you think. Thanks, Warren

  5. Hello Ruth and John,
    I too saw the same thing that you describe, travelling SE late that evening (13th June).
    It looked like a very bright star, moving slightly faster than the the speed of a passenger air craft.
    It was totally silent, and I called my wife over to the door to see it.
    I made an assumption that it was a satellite, but I’ve no idea TBH if it was.

  6. By the way Ruth & John,
    I forgot to give you my location, I was in Huntington Cambridgeshire the time of the sighting!

  7. GrumpyOldBob sums it up perfectly well!

    T.Wood… if this is what you’ve been prattling on about all this time, (i.e. one of the 10s of ‘000s of terrestrial, and indentifiable, objects circling Earth), then I am TRULY gobsmacked!!

    T. Woody: Do you want my mobilenumber? I’m a docile and frendly chap, (with a simple penchant for sense), I’ll happily give you a free 1 week holiday at my home and all I ask is you keep an open mind and repprt at the end of it your views on ‘UFOs versus Common Sense’.

    T.W.: GET IN TOUCH!!

  8. Sorry, I gave the incorrect address for in my earlier post. That missing hyphen makes a lot of difference!

  9. T Wood, again….”By the sounds of it I’d say you saw a genuine UFO, the description sounds very much like what I saw a couple of years ago in another part of England. I too thought it was a Planet at first. Very bright, like the Star of Bethlehem.”

    It’s comments like this that make me want to ask, and no offence intended, how old are you? It would take you no more than a few seconds, using information already imparted several times on here, to deduce that this was the ISS. Look for facts first, then turn to fiction.

  10. I suspect that T Wood and all the other autobelievers and makebelievers probably spend hours researching the subject – on YouTube, where you don’t need to be able to read or think. Everything is prepackaged and in video format so you just have to watch and you immediately know all about it, including a commentary that tells you what you saw, what you should think it is, and where you can find more of the same. I don’t understand how Warren and others have the patience to keep trying to explain simple, basic facts to people who don’t want to listen because fantasy is more interesting. What these sad people don’t realise is that the subject of real life Space Exploration is in fact far more interesting and fantastic. Also the thousands of photos and videos available are not blurred and shaky, because they aren’t taken on a mobile phone by someone who ‘just nipped out for a fag during a commercial break on the telly’. Apart from ‘it’s definitely a genuine UFO’ and T’s usual ‘it’s an interdimensional craft’ they make no attempt to explain what has been seen by the OP, simply shout down those who do. Thankfully this is not the only UFO site available, although it used to be the best. It still could be, but it has been seriously cheapened recently by the meaningless and pointless comments by a small number of people. Unfortunately the people who post sightings on here looking for answers are the losers, as they end up watching their reports vanish in a deluge of bickering.

  11. bickering that is instigated by debunkers or knowit-all skeptics.
    is’nt it interesting how you grumpyoldbob refer to warren in your posts as the voice of reason when his posts are full of assumptions and conventional ONLY explainations for evry sighting going – it’s perposterous! it would be refreshing if you would understand the the general public may not be aware of all the possible man made or astrological or atmospheric reasons for a sighting – sorry maybe you have forgot the reason the us and china have a space programme – its dedicated to finding life on other planets.duh
    i wonder what they are searching for – perhaps its that dratted iss or a binbag –
    you talk about loseing patience -well if you look at the majority of responders to ur ill mannered quips and warrens outright insults -then no wonder the rest of us are fed up with you presenting ur views as more important evryone elses which is just plain arrogant- if ur that intellegent, we clearly cant be saved from our own conclusions -so do u keep on teasing us with the possability that u have had enough and no more posting for the crusade against the possability of et in a galaxy of over 10,000 plus planets and an ever expanding universe that can support life.
    just as skeptics believed in the world being flat and the new world a fantasy -both have been proved completely wrong.
    einstein believed in a parrallel universe so he’s stupid too then -by ur rational{really}, the vatican has built the most expensive observatory in conjunction with a new representative in the event of first contact, united nations has written a charter and has an earth ambassador to the very same first contact – NZ goverment has taken the stance that ufo’s are not all explainable –
    us gov’t made the sightings of the pesky ufo’s a top secret clearance, so did the ussr and the uk – y do this if they can be all explained?
    you say we are looking for fantasy answers -but perhaps its more telling that u and warren seem only happy to explain things from an earthly point of view all the time – it’s predictable, and the human race does not have all the answers. and if the answer does not fit ur comfort zone of understanding -then it must be wrong – if one thing can be learnt by the evolution of mankind -is that our understanding of what is in our planet and galaxy also evolves as our understanding evolves – too think we understand evrything and this is the limit of our understanding – is frankly foolish and misguided -we have much still to learn and explore and discover. for those that get stuck like a record on the on the terrestrial answers will probably be right 90% of the time -however the combined gov’ts agree there is 10% that have yet to be explained –

  12. Dragonsteeth,

    I understand your attitude re: Warren, yet it has to be said he does present many rational explanations to what appear to be irrational sightings. It may be boring when a suspicious and spectacular bright light in the sky turns out to be the ISS, but that’s what it often is. Of course the chances are that there is life elsewhere in the universe; I doubt even Warren would deny that. However, the assumption that such life is infinitely more advanced than us, and has the ability to travel billions of light years to do a quick recce of Earth, is a long stretch at best. There’s every chance that life elsewhere is primitive in form. Also, I’m not convinced that the various space programmes are ‘dedicated to finding lie on other planets’; the US Appollo missions certainly were not, and the Chinese are in it for scientific reasons of a different nature. We may have probes visiting far flung planets (with little result so far) but their remit is entirely within our solar system, where life – in intelligent form – is extremely unlikely.Also, you’re right,not all UFO’s are explainable – that is something we have touched on before – but that doesn’t mean those that are not explainable are of alien origin; it simply means they are flying objects that defied identification by the observer. As for Einstein’s parallel universe, you’re a little misguided in stating he ‘believed’ in it: his proposal was, as with the elsewhere mentioned Drake equation, entirely hypothetical, a theory, an idea. Finally, the reason people get ‘stuck like a record on the terrestrial answers’ is as you state; however, it’s not that they will ‘probably’ be right 90% of the time, but that they WILL be right 90% – or more – of the time, which is why those avenues need to be examined first.

  13. Hi Steve T,

    If you accept the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe, I was wondering how you arrived at the conclusion that it could only be in primitive form?, the reason I ask
    is that if you are open to life elsewhere, there is no logical reason to believe that life could have only started here on earth first & all other life must be after us & therefore primitive. Or take it a stage further, we are, say,
    just a 1000 years after ‘the others’, & we are the primitive ones!

    Humans need to explore, wouldn’t aliens do the same?

  14. Thanks for all the comments it’s nice to know that reported sightings get read,

    What is the lowest height an International Space Station can be seen from ?,because whatever this was seemed to be very much lower than a previous sighting we had a about 3 years ago very high in our outer atmosphere and it was a red dot moving quite quickly and we thought that might have been a ISS.

    This white glowing light was big and lower than a passenger plane, a passenger planes as we know can fly at any height and look about 1/2″ in the sky when they are very high up, this looked about the circumference of a saucer as in i.e. ;( cup & saucer).
    It’s very difficult to judge the height of any flying object.

  15. Chris,

    “I was wondering how you arrived at the conclusion that it could only be in primitive form?”

    I didn’t; once again someone leaps on something that they doesn’t fit their design; my words were, and I quote, ‘there’s every chance’ that life elsewhere could be primitive, not that it could ‘only be’ primitive. There’s a world of difference. I didn’t say anything about ‘all life being after us’ or any such thing; furthermore, because life may have preceded us does not necessarily mean it will be more advanced. The assumption that because there is likely to be life elsewhere in the universe it will be more advanced than us is not a safe one, as it is an unqualified assumption: there may be life elsewhere, and it may be more advanced than us, but, as I said, there’s every chance it might not.

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