Blundeston Lowestoft Suffolk-13th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Blundeston Lowestoft Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 13th June 2013
Time: 10.45pm
Witness Name: Ruth & John

Witness Statement: John put the dogs out last night at 10.45 PM last port of call for the dogs before we went to bed,

John walked round the back garden with them and he looked up and saw this huge white glowing light coming over the bungalow about as high as a trip plane, it was traveling at an average speed no noise whatsoever coming from it ,it looked like a massive Planet except it was moving, John came quickly in doors and rushed to the conservatory to get his binoculars and shouted to me come and have a look at this ,well I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it, it was so bright it was heading for the southeast ,as it moved further behind the trees out the front way where the big oak tree stands just outside the drive way , I went into the lounge to have a look out of that window and it was heading for the sea veering off to the south.

I emailed the local air base in Norfolk to let them know what we had seen and hopefully we might get a reply. It was not a plane as it had no navigation lights just a very intense white glow we would have heard an engine if it had one, you can hear a pin drop out here at night as it?s so quiet.


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  1. Ruth and John, you hit the nail on the head It IS very difficult to judge the height of an object. The red dot may well have been burning debris re-entering the atmosphere, hence the shape.The ISS DOES look to be the height of a plane and not in orbit.

    I think , judging by dragonsteeth’s (sic.)rambling rant, it’s just another dose of Lloyd’s texttalk burble.

    Chris, do you believe Erich von Daniken’s discredited theory about our being descended from aliens? Just asking.

  2. thanks for the insult gary

  3. Hi Gary,

    I’ll be honest with you I haven’t (though I just picked up
    Timothy Good’s ‘UFO report 1990’ from the local charity shop!)

    You can use the words ‘discredited’, but, it doesn’t hold any water for me because it’s an opinion (theory) of what a person thinks, some might read the book & agree, some might not, it’s just peoples opinion, & as you know Gary we all have an opinion.

    Dragonteeth & me are reading from the same page. (Don’t you think it’s time to give the Lloyd bashing a rest now!.)

  4. Is that a yes then,Lloyd?

  5. Chris,

    That’s an odd answer re:von Daniken – his theory as described (rather than an opinion, he offered it up with ‘evidence’) HAS been discredited.

  6. Exactly, Steve . It’s presented as fact, not an opinion, hence my question.

  7. Hi Gary, Steve T,

    Guys, I geddit, you don’t agree with him. I haven’t read the book, so I’ve no opinion.

  8. I saw something exactly like you described two days back (so 6th Aug)at 11:15pm over Verwood, was that the ISS? if it was then it was an amazing sight!

  9. Hi all. just watched the iss go over (suffolk coast) 10:40pm ish. very bright then fades to a dull red before blinking out as it passes out of the suns glare. Im am neither a skeptic or a debunker but logic and reason with a dose of commonsense has to take presidence when watching the many objects in near earth orbit. I watched a good 15 satellites go over in less than 40 mins also. Beautiful clear night to see the meteor shower passing by. There are some strange things up there occasionally but more often than not they are man made or natural phenomena. Rantings and bickering doesn’t help anyone. especially those that just need a bit of guidance as to what they most likely have seen. lets all get along and enjoy the show that is our night sky and if we do see something unusual post it for helpful and educational feed back 🙂

  10. Thanks kev,
    Is the ISS do over suffolk from the SW to the SE coast on the 1st oct

    I have been tracking the ISS

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