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Blyth, Northumberland-Early quarter of 1999

Location of Sighting: Blyth, Northumberland
Date of Sighting: Early quarter of 1999
Time: Approx 9 to 10 pm
Witness Name: Mr Hallicks

Witness Statement: Although this event happened long ago, I wish to share my experience in the hope that someone else witnessed this and can shed some light on it. I was a teenager at the time and was passing through some local allotments with two mates. It was a cold dark winters night and we couldn’t help but notice what was in the sky to the southeast. We noticed 3 bright yellow/orange circular balls of light circling each other in a triangular formation.They kept within the same close distance of each other and they stayed in one area of the sky.I would guess they were somewhere over the coast towards whitley bay direction. They altered in speed as they rotated. I remember feeling slightly startled and amazed at the time as I couldn’t put my hands on what it was.I couldn’t believe my eyes.My friends joked on saying they are probably flying saucers but I think they were as freaked out and confused as I was. The lights definitely weren’t part of a larger craft as they seemed to move independently. They were medium to large in size and couldn’t be more than about 20 miles away but I’m no expert in distances, however it was close enough to make out clearly. I’m confident it was not chinese lanterns and they definitely weren’t any type of planes or helicopters, or even any aircraft for that mater.We saw them for at least 10 minutes as we walked to my friends house, then they just seemed to vanish. I tried to thinking logically what these were as I didn’t want to pass this off as being “flying saucers”so the only other explanation I could sum up was if these balls of light could have been a spot light reflecting onto the night sky ? Strangely though it seemed too bright for that and their didn’t seem to be a haze or a ray of light which shone from the ground up to the balls of light. Answers please ?


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  1. me and my husband seen 3 large red/orange orbs in a perfect formation accross the night sky, this was looking out to the coast above Blyth/Whitley Bay, we were in the car heading towards Earsdon and by the time we had taken our exit from the roundabout and pulled over for a better look they had all disappeared… long before lanterns were popular and unfortunately before we had camera phones, just like you say though they stayed the same distance apart, definitley not part of a larger craft and definitely not spotlights.
    I have just submitted this somewhere else on this sight estimating about 10 year ago but having read your listing to my hubby he can remember the year from what car we had and reckons this was about 1999.. maybe the same thing??

  2. Hi, glad you came forward with this as whenever I try telling people I get the feeling they don’t believe me or they think I have an over active imagination but I never forget what I witnessed that night. Orbs as you say are perhaps a good description of what we saw.The way these thing s manoeuvred round in such a tight space didn’t look anything remotely typical of aircraft characteristics. Also the light wasn’t concentrated like that you’d see off a plane or a car head light, hard to describe but it was more flat in radiance a bit like when you see the moon at night. To me It was either paranormal (spiritual even) or a very clever elaborate hoax but I’ve never quite saw anything like it since. It had no sound and I never saw these actually disappear in to thin air,but as we got to my mates house their were other houses and trees blocking the view of the sky which was frustrating ,so they could have been their a while but we called it a day.I just wish we had the technology we do now back then as I would have snapped a video of it in an instant! if you could imagine a invisible triangle with a orb of light positioned on each of three corners revolving around in a clockwise direction but with the speed of their rotation varying, slowing down then speeding up.Although I said they kept a similar distance apart it didn’t look exact as if the lights were stuck to part of a object, they appeared to move independently but in synch to each other.Before this I used to hear rumours about the old spanish city building in whitley bay being a hot spot for attracting ufos but this went in one ear and out the other until my experience. What do you make of it all? We may have saw same thing?

  3. I’m glad you’ve responded to this, as whenever I tell someone I get the impression they think I’m lieing or just have an overactive imagination. As you said – orbs of light, this is a good description of whatI witnessed.They weren’t quite as bright or concentrated like an aeroplane or car head light, it was more flat in radiance, a bit like how the moon looks at night.More importantly the way in which they manoeuvred in a circular motion in such a tight space didn’t look remotely typical of aircraft characteristics. It was definitely paranormal, possibly spiritual even or a very clever elaborate hoax, bit I’ve never quite saw anything like it since. I used to hear rumours that the old spanish city in whitley bay used to be a hotspot for attracting ufos or strange light phenomena, but until I saw this that tale just went in one ear and out the other. I just wish we’d had the technology we do now then as I would have snapped a video of this in an instant. Were the orbs you saw moving ?

  4. in 1980 i was boat fishing out of blyth and we were only about 600 yrds out from the lighthouse and when we looked back there was a silver ball in the sky ! it was just below the clouds and did not move, i waved at it and it moved at such a speed to the south that i could hardly keep my eyes on it.
    then it came back at the same speed to the same spot, it looked like a ball bearring which i would say was about the size of an average sitting room maybe abit larger, then it shot straight up and away through the clouds and gone for good.
    we never told anyone about this in case people thoght we were crazy. no noise or flashing lights or the boat cutting out or any thing els.
    john from cramlington.

  5. John check out the following video on youtube to see if this looks like what you saw ?Strange sphere ufo video from russia

  6. to mr hallicks.
    check out (sphere ufo filmed ukrane ) that is what i saw above blyth light house in 1980. its on the same page you gave me.the one i saw did not bob up and down but went from standing still to a fantastic speed down to st. marys and back again at the same speed and stopped in the blink of an eye in the same spot, it hung around for about 60 seconds then i waved at it ! it then took of straight up at the same speed that it traveled south and back again.
    as i said in my last letter there were no lights, no noise, just alarge silver ball bearring craft that flew faster than anything i have ever saw in my life and being ex millertary i have seen things that move pritty quick !!

  7. To john.
    Interesting and very strange sighting. I find it weird and almost amusing that it moved when you waved, as if it was reacting to you like a timid/ sensitive animal. Sounds like this thing was quite close to you or not much more than a mile away and you saw it clear as day.Think I would be that shocked and gob smacked it would just take a few days to sink in before it would register. Surely someone else in the harbour area should have saw this ?

  8. there were only two of us in the boat and sadly my old uncle who saw it with me died 7 years ago.
    i did ask the rest of the fishing club that was out that day but no one seemed to have saw it.
    but there was nothing in my mind to be scared of or weird about it, it was as i have said about 600 yards away from us and was silver in colour and looked like a ball bearing till it moved at such a rate of speed that i have not even today saw the likes.
    what realy got me was when it returned to blyth it did not slow down ! it just stopped dead where it started from.

  9. I think I would be a bit spooked by the speed it moved at and how it returned to the exact same position. I assume it was during the day you saw it and not at night ? Also as it moved south did it gradually accelerate to a fast speed or just instantly shoot off into the distance til you could no longer see it ?


  10. it just went from standing still to a fantastic speed towards s/mary,s and stopped dead for about 30 to 60 seconds,then came back to blyth. i did not loose sight of it but it was so small at that distance.
    the time was 06.30 on a sunday morning in the summer but i cannot remember what month.
    what im telling is no haox or bulls droppings as im sure this site does get them (little green men )and i have never seen anything like it since or before that day.
    but im pleased im not alone with the sighting that i saw, but your bound to get the odd fibber on a sight like this but i am not one of them, what i saw i saw.

  11. I guess their probably is a large proportion of sightings on this website that are either aircraft, satellites or something that is simply mistaken for being a ufo. Like my sighting yours seems to be a one that just can’t be explained and will remain to be unsolved mysteries.


  12. Hi, I saw an orange ball of light about a mile out to sea at Cresswell it was about 1994/95. I rang the coast guard because myself and my friend thought it was a flare but it vanished as quick as it appeared. It wasn’t till a couple of years ago I realused what this was.

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