Bolsover, 53N,1W -3rd July 2014

Location of Sighting: Bolsover, UK 53N,1W
Date of Sighting: 03 July 2014
Time: 11:30pm – 12:15am
Witness Name: Garry Johnson

Witness Statement: Standing on my balcony, I noticed two bright white objects appear next to a normal star in the North East sky, 30deg elevation, they had formed a triangle with the normal star. I noticed that one of the two started to move slowly to the left as it slowed to a stop the second started to move towards the first to form the same diagonal line as it started. The second stopped, then both moved downwards towards the horizon to disappear.

5 minutes later one reappeared even more brightly and faded in the same area.

30 minutes later another appeared in a Northern position to me and travelled across the sky for 30 seconds towards the East and faded.

12:15am a very bright ball of light appeared and disappeared directly East at about 20 deg elevation.

I track satellites, and also have an aircraft scanner and these objects where definitely neither of these.
They looked like stars, but moved and stopped and faded, very unusual movement almost a sliding effect.


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Updated: July 12, 2014 — 7:41 pm


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  1. Could they have been lasers?

  2. This sounds almost the same as the sighting I had nearly two years ago and posted on this site. Out looking for perseids meteor shower, observed what looked like three stars (except they didn’t twinkle) in a perfect triangle near the constellation of cassiopia. One smoothly and deliberately moved in a semi circle, followed by the opposite one, until they were in a straight line with the top “star”, then the bottom two (which were slightly closer together) moved off at a steady rate towards the horizon. The top star stayed where it was and after a few minutes clouds moved in and we could no longer observe. Two of us saw this and have been puzzling ever since, the movement was so deliberate and controlled with instant, precision stops and starts. Kept thinking it must be satellites but can’t see how.

  3. I saw something like this two nights ago (or rather early hours of Saturday morning).

    I live just outside Grimsby and have posted things here before.

    I only sleep for around four hours so usually I’m up until 4-5am enjoying the peace and quiet whilst star-gazing.

    I can identify satellites, aircraft, Chinese lanterns etc so wouldn’t waste my time posting this.

    I saw two bright lights moving in a north-east direction; the rear light was moving slightly slower then catching up almost like it was being towed I thought. About 30 minutes later the two returned moving in the opposite direction.

    My partner said it was the space station and I told him it wasn’t since I’m not a fool and am always the one to point it out to him.

  4. No doubt just like Close Encounters of the Third kind?

  5. So to the observer these stars move in a pattern? This suggests that the objects know they are being watched.

    Incidentally, there is a large military area off the east coast of England. They often conduct refuelling operations.

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