Bottesford-20th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Bottesford N.Lincs
Date of Sighting: 20/10/2013
Time: 20.44
Witness Name: Andy Wilson

Witness Statement: I didn’t see this at the time i was experimenting with camera settings on my Nokia Lumia 1020. I didn’t look at the result as it was obviously over exposed but last night the kids when looking through my camera roll on the phone spotted something! And if this is a photo artifact it sure makes a good impression of ET fly-by !!?? Make your own decision!? Emailing photo now.


WP_20131020_20_44_08_Pro (1)


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Updated: October 27, 2013 — 9:10 pm


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  1. looks like a mark on the window.

  2. Hi Andy,
    Very interesting. As a matter of ‘logic first’ – may I suggest that this may be some sort of lens flare or reflection from the strong light in the foreground of the first picture – if not, then perhaps it is a so far, unexplained UFO. If it is a real UFO however, it is a very good one you have managed to catch! -Paul

  3. Quite light for 20:44 on 20/10/2013? Sorry its so blurred it could be a cloud, balloon, lens flare or a piece of fluff. You also either have a scratch or a small hair/fibre at 4 o’clock low visible in the second photo?

  4. It looks like George Adamskis flying saucer, amazing.

  5. Hi Peter,
    I must admit – you are totally right with this one – it does look very much like it!! -Paul

  6. “It looks like George Adamskis flying saucer, amazing.”

    Given my personal opinion on Adamski’s photos, I would consider that amazing!

  7. Looking further into realitys ‘scratch/hair/firbe’ spot, there is also one to the right of that one, visiable just behind/ontop of the highest point of the tree. also there are 3 above the ‘UFO’ two in line at 11 oclock and one at 1 oclock. Theres also one at 9 oclock in the cloulds. Aliens? i think not. If you look at the bottom of the picture in the grass you can see that what ever has been lit up on camera, has the same shaping downwards ‘tail’. I believe this is a picture of aircraft and/or stars.

  8. Hi Nathan, some very good points made above.

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