Bourne End, Near Hemel Hempstead-15th December 2010

Location of Sighting: Bourne End, Near Hemel Hempstead
Date of Sighting: 15th december
Time: 05.00
Witness Name: Sean O’connor

Witness Statement: hi,
i was in the area of bourne end at about 05.00 on the 15th december.i noticed a bright light in the sky that did not appear to be moving much.i took several photos with my digital camera and on close inspection once you zoom in there seems to be some odd colours and shapes.i took about 6 photos with a digital camera and about another 5 with my nokia n95 mogile phone and it seems that every photo looks different.


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Updated: December 16, 2010 — 7:33 pm


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  1. yes i agree its quite odd top pic has a bit of camra movement the bottom one prb more reresentitive , did youy notice the small blue light in the frames

  2. did you see the small blue light thats in the frames

  3. Not sure what the light is, but the “blue light” is certainly just pixel aberration which often occurs in “black” digital images. If it were actually a light in the photo then it would show the same camera shake trace as the main light does.

  4. one blue light in top photo and 2 in the bottom photo people have sighted blue lights could be connected to the pulsing red orbish ufo and it seems like the ufo is a living thing thats my gut feeling any one else think its alive and intelligent and not just a metallic craft, good photos

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