Boxhill Surrey – 22nd March 2014

Location of Sighting: Boxhill Surrey
Date of Sighting: 22/03/14
Time: 11:45
Witness Name: Emilly

Witness Statement: I was in a car with my mum driving down a quiet private dark road, then directly behind us was a really really bright multicoloured flashing light out of nowhere. a feeling of unease came over both of us as it seemed to be following us when my mum drove faster. neither of us looked ddirectly at it, only in the mirror, it was flashing red, blue, and the most prominent colour, green. it was so so bright and close, like nothing ive ever seen before. the beam of light disappeared as we entered a more busy road. it turned into a single green dot and disappeared-just like that.


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Updated: April 8, 2014 — 8:19 pm


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  1. Its behind you and you did not look directly at it. Is this not a contradiction in terms?

  2. Hi Emilly, a very close encounter or someone taking the mick with a quadcopter.

  3. Emily, how could you and your mother see it in the mirror together?

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