Bracknell, Berkshire-1st August 2009

Location of Sighting: Bracknell
Date of Sighting: 1st August 2009
Time: 9.45pm
Witness Name: Joe and Steph

Witness Statement: My girlfriend was driving along the A3095 when she said she saw a bright red light. I said people had seen these things recently but thought it was just a plane and a bit of local hoax rubbish!anyways 10-15minutes later we return to my house in Bracknell and she says she has seen it agiain!I I look up and a ball shape (i think orange)Steph thinks red was going across the sky in no real direction at a considerable speed,I now can beleive what people have been saying about the sightings and will never forget it

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: August 2, 2009 — 8:40 am


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  1. nice to see that all you people in the UK saw the same thing we saw last night. We live in Prince Edward Island, Canada and we saw the exact same thing except at the end it curved upward and dissapeared in a flash.

  2. I saw 7 or 8 orange lights in the sky last night,02/08/2009. I was in Woosehill but they looked like the could have been north of there. At first i thought it must have been aeroplanes queweing for Heathrow but planes don’t have orange lights, i also thought Helecopters but there was no sound at all. They moved very quickly and changed direction on a sixpence, the orange was very bright and could only be discribed as bright as fire. I saw them for about 15 mins, as some disappeared more came into sight but no more than 6-8 at a time.

    I’m not crazy, my Mum and my mate saw them too.

  3. I live in Twickenham,Middlesex and walk my dog in a local park every evening, over the past four weeks myself and a few other dog walkers have been seeing a brilliant white light in the sky, we are very close to heathrow airport and at first thought it was something to do with that but there is no sound. This object moves very fast and high but the strange part is the way it moves different angles and turns sharply at great speed. I wonder if anyone else has seen this as well, the times I have seen this object is from 9.30pm – 1am..

  4. On August 8th around 8:30pm Arizona USA time I saw a red ball in the sky. My kids and wife also saw this and through my binoculars all we could make out was what we normally see when we look at stars, a round shape. This red ball actually didn’t move at first but then moved slowly from right to left and upwards. It was positioned in the south east sky. At times it became dull but then would go bright again. After about 15 minutes it just disappeard as if it went even further away. I can say that I look at planes everynight through the binoculars at 30,000 + feet and this object was much further away. It was further away then our moon. The size of it had to be pretty big as you could see it withthe naked eye. All you could see was a round shape that was red. Very freaky and I have never seen anything like this. I was just glad my family saw it because they would have thought I was crazy.

  5. I have just posted my own sighting,I have seen the same thing in Bracknell around the same time I guess don’t really know the date of the first sighting that I saw but it was early Aug and then again on Friday,I would love to know what they are as with the ones I saw where silent but fast, STRANGE !!!!

  6. Ok so I have just seen the date that this was posted so it cant be the same ones I saw but its strange that this was 2009 you guys saw the same thing in Aug that i saw this Aug in 2011

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