Brampton, Cambridgeshire-3rd May 2011

Location of Sighting: Brampton, Cambridgeshire, uk
Date of Sighting: 3 may 2011
Time: 00.20
Witness Name: Tom B

Witness Statement: I was watching tv when I heard a high pitched engine noise, it seemed strange and not like an aeroplane noise I’d heard before. I looked out the window and saw a large object flying through
the sky, I could not make out the body as it was too dark but I could see 4 lights in a diamond formation. There was a flashing light in the centre. It was moving slowly. My first thought was that it could be a b52 bomber as it was so large however it didn’t sound like one at all. It headed north east towards Huntingdon, I uploaded what I’d seen on facebook and several people told me they had also seen this and one said it slowed down over godmanchester almost hovering.


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Updated: May 3, 2011 — 7:54 pm


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  1. You need to compare notes with the St Ives sighting, same time and general area….

  2. My wife and I saw this exact same thing at around the same time on the same date.
    We aree in Hartford, Huntingdon, it was heading in the direction of St Ives, the only thought I had was possibly a stealth bomber. It appeared to be huge, but seemed to move silently.

  3. 03/05/2011
    I also saw this!
    TR-3 black Manta?

  4. I live in godmanchester Huntingdon and I see 9/10 lights in the sky looked like stars but we’re moving in formation single file in a line over me the two lights at the back we’re zig zagging between eachother then the passed .it was nothing like I’d ever seen before !!

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