Brands Hatch, Kent-May 4th 2009

Location of Sighting: Brands Hatch, Kent
Date of Sighting: 4th May 2009
Time: 00-20hrs
Witness: Martyn Holt

Witness Statement: At 00-20hrs on 4th May 2009 I was at work doing my job as a Security Guard near Brands Hatch when I saw 10 bright orange balls moving silently in an Easterly and then South Easterly direction. It was obvious they were not Aeroplanes because they had no flashing lights on them and they were orange when they were coming towards me , when they were level with me and after they had passed me. I was totally amazed as I have never seen anything like this before in my life. They were in 3 rows of 3 and one coming up the rear as if trying to catch the others up. Unfortunately when I tried to video them with my mobile phone all I got was a photo of what could be the Moon. I reported it to the Police at Maidstone who said nobody else had phoned in about them. Was that just for my benefit or Did anyone else really see them. I know someone in Benfleet Essex saw them because I rang the Sun Newspaper to report it to them and they asked how far I was from Benfleet because someone there had rung them too!

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Saw these same orange lights at about 12.30 when leaving the Rising Sun on fawkham green which is just a few minutes away from brands hatch. Started off as two which we presumed where side on planes, until several more apeared from behind a row of houses which were blocking our view.
    We witnessed at least 12 of these before they slowly disapeared as if flying further away. We also noticed the final one moving at a faster pace as if to catch up to the rest which cancelled out my theory of them being flares or something of that type.
    I have never seen anything like this in my life, and i still have no idea of what it could have been!

  2. Living in Benfleet, Essex and saw some orange lights coming one at a time it was about 10.30pm 4th may 2009. they came one after another with a short delay between them. there was approx. about 30 that we saw. got quite a good photo of one on mobile phone. we have never seen anything like this before and have no idea what they could have been.

  3. Catherine Hancock

    Myself and my husband saw these too! We live in Benfleet in Essex and just returned home at about 10pm on 3rd May and saw 3 of these orange balls floating along not far from our house. I called my husband and we agreed they couldn’t be planes, they were just bright orange, no flashing lights or anything. I told him to grab the video camera but he didn’t so unfortunately we have no footage. Really kicking ourselves about that now!

  4. Marilyn Meadway

    Sunday 3rd May. I am so glad i am not going mad for i live in Benfleet too and i saw them! I opened my back door in order to let out my dogs when i looked up into the sky and exclaimed to myself what the **** is that. Because my garden faces north, the large orange lights with a flare of yellow (not flashing )in them were travelling in a SE direction. What was so strange was that there was not a hint of noise, nothing at all! They were travelling in a straight line approximately 100 metres apart. I quickly looked at my clock and it said 10 10pm

  5. saturday 31 oct, 2009, maidstone 5pm. Arrived back home from shopping, while unloading the car, looked up and noticed a bright orange light travelling at speed and great height across the sky. I ruled out aeroplanes as there wasn’t any noise and there were no flashing lights. It seemed to stay on one path and was quickly followed by two more lights the same. I managed to get some video and camera footage, which isn’t great, but you can see the last light disappear under a very bright moon. Anyone see anything that night? There were fireworks around at the time, but these were not fireworks, they were far too high and on a definate course.

  6. Don’t you have Chinese Lanterns in Kent?

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