Brean, Somerset-10th March 2009

Location of Sighting: Brean, Somerset
Date of Sighting: 10th March 2009
Time: 18.35
Witness: peachy66

Witness Statement: much bigger than a shooting star no noise and very quick, vanished over unity farm,football shaped object very bright

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Both Myself and my girlfriend saw this too.. We live in Taunton, I had an appointment this evening at the Local Musgrove Hostpital. We were walking through town on route to the hospital when a large bright white light shot across the sky at an incredible speed. 3-4 seconds to go horizon to horizon ! It was silent and I would say it was at quite a low altitude. I’m a keen plane buff, and this was definately not at shooting star altitude, much lower, more like under 3000 ft. I’ll submit my own account so read more there..

  2. My daughter and I saw the same thing in North petherton @ around 6:45 ish it caught our eyes and as we looked up we saw what I would describe as a comet? It was light orange with a darker orange tail and indeed made no noise. My daughter then proceeded to inform me that it was a meteorite, bless her!! I felt amazed to see it!

  3. I saw an extremely bright shooting star very low to the horizon in the south west sky around 6.30pm on the 10th March from here in south London. The shooting star was much brighter and had the longest tail of any I have ever seen. I thought a lot of people would have seen it.

  4. I’m glad to see that I might not be going mad after all.

    I was driving south down the M5 (near junction 13 for stroud) at about 6:40pm last night when I saw a bright round light heading north to south. It seemed to me like it was far off heading down towards the severn estery, but if it was then I’ve never seen anything that fast.

    My other thoughts were a) it was a jet plane much closer to me than I thought, or b) a comet.

  5. I saw this also! I live near Williton, Somerset. I was working in the garden at approximately 18.50 and something very bright made me look up. I saw what I at first thought was the planet Venus shining exceptionally brightly except that it was in the wrong position. I belive i was looking in northwest judging by the fact that my secoind thought was that it was Polaris which would have just begun to show in the north. The light was super-bright, like burning magnesium and at least 3 times bigger then Venus in a full faze. It seemed to be moving at at incredibly fast speed directly away from me towards the horizon in a north easterly direction. There was no ‘tail’ or other blinking lights associated with this sighting. The sense of speed was determined by the rapidity of the light disappearing to a pin point of brightness rather then any movement accross my feild of vison. I gasped out loud and tried to explain the event to my wife but stopped mid sentence as i realised how stupid I sounded! We had a friend from Bath visiting yesturday (31.03.09) and over dinner she out of the blue she said she had seen something strange in the sky a few days earlier and discribed exactly as above. My wife just looked at me with her mouth hanging open!!!

  6. i also so this in manchester same time and date, and thought i would search the web to see if anyone had an idea of what i was looking at.
    did anyone get any pictures of the object in the sky ?

  7. This would not surprise me as me and my late farther saw the military aircraft that you are all talking about in Brean somerset about roughly 15 years ago.

    It looked like a star that was still, then it would shoot as fast as a shooting star across the sky and then stop sudden, this was performed 4 or 5 times.

    We knew what we had seen, it was a ufo, first thing that came to mind was advanced aircraft testing.

    So after some research i found there is an aircraft base in Wales close by. I google earthed it to look at the layout. What i found was a normal military aircraft base but with something different. The base was set out as you would expect except for an aircraft hanger set apart from the rest, looks very suspicious, this is where they keep these advanced aircraft.

    They test the craft/s around the area. This technology is still under testing and will not be released to the general public for years to come.

    But if you are ever lucky enough to see this machine in action i can promise you you will not be disappointed.

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