Brecon Beacons-3rd January 2012

Location of Sighting: Brecon Beacons
Date of Sighting: Tue 3 January 2012
Time: 1700 hrs
Witness Name: Jessica

Witness Statement: Whilst driving home from work in Brecon on Tue 3 Jan 2012 i saw a very bright big white light that looked like a star above Pen y Fan mountain. I just thought it was a very bright star alone in the dark sky until it started moving . It seemed as if other drivers were also looking at the strange light aslo as cars were swerving and slowing down as if looking at something. It moved towards the Hirwaun side of the Beacons where i lost site of it. This is the second strange white light i have seen in trhe space of 3 weeks over the Brecon / Merthyr Tydfil area. Did anyone else see what i saw?
I also saw a helicopter moving towards the light before i lost sight of it. This was not a star. As far as i am aware stars do not move!!! And i have seen a shooting star twice and it was not a very fast moving light. Very very bright white!


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Updated: January 4, 2012 — 8:52 pm


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  1. This sounds like the international space station passing over. Now they have finished building it the station looks very bright as it comes over. It will appear somewhere
    in the west moving east. When low on the horizon it does not appear to be moving very fast if at all but speeds up as it moves higher in the sky. A pass can last 5 min.
    There was a pass visible from the UK just after 5pm on the 3rd Jan. You can get details of ISS passes on Heavens Above web site. Maybe one explanation.

  2. Oh yes i never thought of that being the believer that i am 🙂 thank you for helping clear the “mysterious light” for me!


    Miss jones

  3. No problem Miss Jones 🙂 and keep looking up. Except perhaps when you are
    driving! Happy New Year. 🙂

  4. I just posted under Mid Wales but should have posted under Powys. Surely the ISS is in space, not under the cloud base? Also with our siting the thing went from East to West. Interesting theory though! My question is, with so many sightings, why is there nothing in the news, or, why aren’t any defences in evidence like F18s? If there is an innocent explanation, why aren’t we hearing it? The ISS would follow a steady trajectory wouldn’t it?

  5. Jessica said she was driving from Brecon and must have been driving south in order to see Pen Y Fan – she said it headed over towards Hirwaun area which means it must have been going east to west so could not have been the ISS.

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