Brecon Beacons(pen-y-fan)-2nd April 2010

Location of Sighting: Brecon Beacons(pen-y-fan)
Date of Sighting: 02/04/10
Time: 22.30
Witness Name: I.Sheen

Witness Statement: Myself and a group of friends were hiking down the mountain, it was dark and there were lots of stars in the sky. As we got half way down the mountain my friend noticed a bright circular light in the sky, we switched off our torches to have a clearer look. First we thought it may of been a plane, then a shooting star or maybe a satalite. After viewing this object for a few seconds it quickly became clear to us that it was none of these.This circular object was low in the sky, it moved over our heads at a steady pace, then suddenly stopped, the light then dimed and it became more of a red glow,the object then began moving side to side like a pin ball,the movement was very shaky/unusual and the was no sound. It then disappeared, moments later,the red object returned in the same place appearing much smaller. It then shoot across the sky above our heads, quicker than anything i have ever seen.There were 4 withnesses to this, nothing caught on camera.


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Updated: May 4, 2010 — 7:52 pm

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  1. I was in the Brecon Beacons on 4 June – amazing view up there! Anyway I read your sighting first because it was in the Beacons but what interested me is that my sighting back in April whilst on the A14 near Kettering had the same movements – jittering side to side like a pin-ball. Then it slowly descended behind some trees.

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