Brecon, Powys, Wales-20th December 2012

Location of Sighting: Brecon, Powys, Wales
Date of Sighting: 20th December 2012
Time: 7.27pm
Witness Name: Frances Chaffey

Witness Statement: I was standing on my drive seeing my son and grandson off in their car when I heard a noise, looked up and saw 3 lights in the sky travelling from the direction of the Brecon Beacons towards. The front light was I think red and the other 2 white, all looked as though they faced downwards and had a halo around them. Afterwards I conferred with my son as it happened so quickly we both weren’t sure if the first light was red or green but we agreed red. As I looked I realised my eyes could see a triangle. The points appeared rounded. It was dark. No trail or anything else. Lights weren’t flashing. The craft was quite large and was travelling at a fair speed ie not slow, not fast and making a droning noise. My son and grandson saw it as well, but he was too late to get his camera phone. Would be interested to see if anyone else observed it. A similar object was seen in this area a few weeks ago but did not emit sound.


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  1. Seen this befor ein Brecon and Radnor areas. I used to investigate down that way with an animal pathology group but they shut down because the one bloke running it turned out to be working for the Defence Reasearch Agency which is now a private company. Me and a few others put alot of trust into him but he had us completely fooled. He took images and videos off me and I never got them back and could not contact him. Turns out was giving info to the local copper and DEFRA and passed everything to the Government through his group. Sad thing was he openly admitted it and said to a friend of mine from Leominster that he didn’t care one bit. She was already nervous and now thinks he has her being watched because she knows too much.

  2. Hello Frances
    Sounds very much like the object i saw in 1991 , you describe 3 lights in a large triangular formation and a droning noise , this is just how i described what i saw.
    The object i saw was in Nottinghamshire and witnessed by hundreds and also seen in Derbyshire that same night.
    The 1991 sighting was investigated for 10+ years and no positive explanation has ever come of it.
    Well Frances it sounds like these Triangle shaped objects might be back in our skys so ill keep looking upwards, i might be very lucky and see one again.
    If your interested Frances the link below is to my sighting from 1991… all the best PAUL

  3. Matt, not sure where this Animal Pathology Group comes into this unless we are talking about mutilations? Are you?

    Red and green lights with white lights and the dronning noise suggests an ordinary prop aircraft. Water droplets – vapour – cloud will give the illusion of a halo. Sound will also vary depending on where the observer is in relationship to the prevailing wind.

  4. I think you should look up what the acronym DEFRA stands for before you spout all your conspiracy theory nonsense, Matt ;).

  5. Interesting sighting Frances! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Hi Matt,
    Advise your friend that she should keep a notebook and jot down suspicious vehicles/persons and descriptions including vehicle registration number, time of day, date and place. If she comes across the same individual/vehicle three or four times or more then she is entitled to call the police and consider making a formal complaint of harassment. But there really needs to be at least three of four incidents.
    If they look into her house, for example through the windows, or direct into her house through an open door, the they are in serious trouble as that sort of surveillance is reserved for serious criminals etc. For this type of close surveillance she could also consider making a complaint to the Office of Surveillance Commissioners. Their details or on the web.
    Tell her not to worry. If you feel I can advise further email me.
    I have seen reports of intimidation of witnesses in the USA. I hope that there is none of this behaviour in the UK.

  7. check the following link as it details 2 similar sightings in the same area a few days before.

  8. Gordon, stop feeding Matts paranoia symptoms! Disgraceful!

  9. One minor difference, Ian. This was silent, not droning. Perhaps they can turn the sound on and off?

    Peter:- Gordon is an ex-policeman, so I would prefer to call it doing his public duty.

  10. Frances, the red light was an anti collision light the two white lights will be on the trailling edge of each wing. If you do not belive me go to an airport at night and watch an aircraft take off and travel into the distance. You will see the same effect. The aircraft will also appear triangular.

    Gordon, its not wise to feed paranoia, people can get hurt.

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