Bridgeton, Glasgow-13th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Bridgeton, Glasgow
Date of Sighting: 13th August 2009
Time: 9: 45
Witness Name: Paul Adam

Witness Statement: I was looking out of the window towards the north east for the persiad meteorite shower , even though I realised it was a bit early. I was looking towards the campsies to the north east , then I witnessed a small light moving very slowly towards the west then it dissapeared. Then 5 – 10 mintues later both myself and my fiance’ witnessed another two objects of same size travelling alongside each other for some distance before dissapearing. During the sighting the objects moved in a very strange trajectory, initially travelling in a straight line then wavering around each other for a short time.

They did not look like aircraft , as the flight path for glasgow internationl does pass overhead ,above my house.
However they didnt appear to resemble anything like planes.


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  1. On Tuesday 27th August I was driving through Lenzie at approximately 10.15pm when I noticed an orange light in the sky. I stopped the car and put the window down as I thought it might have been a reflection on the glass. Above the houses I saw a large lantern shape glowing orange with what looked like an orange flame shape underneath. The shapes drifted along slowly and as I was close to home I drove back and shouted to my daughter to look out of the window and she saw the glowing shapes also. We have come to the conclusion that it must have been some kind of Chinese Lantern and wonder where it came from. did anyone else in lenzie see this? I would like to know if you did.

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