Bright Darting Object-Over Bedlington, Northumberland-19th August 2017

Location of Sighting: Over Bedlington, Northumberland
Date of Sighting:19 Aug 2017
Time: 00.30
Witness Name:Guy Routledge
Witness Statement: Something similar like a very small cloud but bright darting across the sky in a South easterly direction, stopping dead and going in a 90% angle westerly. It returned to it original position then carried on southeasterly. It was far to fast for any jet or helicopter. I have only told my partner as people would think I was crazy. Unfortunately no video or photo as i didnt have time to capture it and camera wouldn’t have captured the image


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Updated: August 29, 2017 — 1:38 pm


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  1. I’m disappointed! This occurred over the town I live in and I missed it. Tracey (from an earlier sighting) surely this proof ‘they’ know about me?

  2. Would you say it had a blueish glow at all? I’ve sighted something similar about 2 weeks ago

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