Bright Light, Ceredigion, Near Llanybydder, Wales, 10th May 2018

Location of Sighting: Near Llanybydder, Ceredigion, Wales
Date of Sighting: 10/05/2018
Time: 23:43-23:51
Witness Name: Alan
Witness Statement: My mother and I both witnessed a bright light in the sky slowly moving from the south towards the east from our doorstep as we were letting the dog out.

The light was constant, never blinking or changing as it got nearer to the east, when it was directly east of us it dimmed for a few seconds and then returned just as bright as before while still continuing it’s journey in a slightly north easternly direction before I lost sight of it when I was distracted by the dog, when I looked for it again it had disappeared.

There was no sound and nothing to indicate it was a plane or helicopter at high altitude.

Updated: September 21, 2018 — 10:43 pm

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