Bright Light Shot Across The Night Sky, Nottinghamshire, 11th May 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
10:30 – 10:45
Witness Name:
Robert Hilton
Witness Statement
Me and my dad were out in our garden between 10:20PM -1045PM to look for the Starlink Satellites as they were due to pass over. Whilst observing them, our attention was then suddenly diverted to a strange bright light that then dimmed before reoccurring a second time a few moments later; although we have some speculations it may have possibly been the ISS or some other satellite catching the light from the sun. We then witnessed something even stranger: A very bright light shot across the night sky in the opposite direction to the satellites, appearing to go from east to west. I know the obviously explanation would be a meteor, but it almost seemed to travel a little too slow to be one, yet faster than anything else I could really think of. I believe there are very simple explanations to these strange sightings, but I am baffled by what I have witnessed and would be intrigued know what they could possibly be.
Updated: May 15, 2020 — 12:20 pm

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  1. My partner seen the same thing I was at work he sent me a video but it wasn’t very clear

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