Bright Orange Light-Newhaven East Sussex-10th January 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Newhaven East Sussex
Date Of Sighting :
10 January 2020
approx 20:50 to 20:55
Witness Name:
Garry H
Witness Statement
Where to start. For reasons I won’t explain I went to my front door and noticed in the edge of my vision a bright orange light. At first I thought it was an aircraft on fire, but there was no smoke trailing the light The light was moving from roughly SSE to NE at or below cloud level. Probably around 1000 to 1500feet. There were very few clouds in the sky and a full moon was shining almost directly overhead with the brightest stars visible. The light was about an eighth of the size of the moon and was most definitely not Mars or any other object normally seen in the night sky. As the light drew away from me (about fifteen seconds after first seeing it) it went out followed by a slight “blink”. What really made me wonder was the next few seconds. Given tonight is well lit with moonlight and the lights of the Harbour I noticed either against the cloud near where the light had been or against the moonlit sky a deep black object. It was visible for barely a fraction of a second and I wasn’t sure I had seen anything until it reappeared again for a very brief time in the same place. The object was a long “spike” on end with the pointed end facing up at the middle was a ball like structure and then another smaller spike pointing down. It was not an aircraft as there were no navigation lights no strobe lights and no noise other than traffic on the road below mine. I did wonder if I was watching an airliner as Newhaven is under a flightpath for Gatwick but this was too low and moving against the normal flow of such aircraft. Indeed had it been an airliner or largish aircraft it would have lost lift as its wings would have to be vertical. Airliners actually fly over Newhaven at, at least 5000 feet probably higher. Given I was a scientist this has taken some considerable thought to report this but it spooked me and the means of its instant disappearance meant I had to report it.

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Updated: January 13, 2020 — 6:42 pm

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