Bright Silver Disc-Boulton Moor, Derbyshire-2nd January 2021

Location Of Sighting :
Boulton Moor, Derbyshire
Date Of Sighting :
2 Jan 2021
Witness Name:
Chris O
Witness Statement
Stepped for a quick drag before bed. Was a totally clear but cold 3 degree night. Do this every night before bed. To the south, towards East Midlands Airport was a streak across the sky. Now, seen this many times as shooting stars but this time, it stopped about 2-3 Miles away over the edge of Chellaston, hung for 4-5 seconds then shot upwards at unreal speed to just vanish. Nope, I don’t drink but thinking about starting now. Hope EMA have so thing in radar. Domestic flights are quite but DHL are still flying. Okay, description….what looked like a bright silver disc with maybe 20-30m trail just stopped and was obviously a global object. Just hung for a few seconds then vanished into the sky but without a trail as before !! Anyone else see this wired sight ?

Updated: January 28, 2021 — 7:29 pm

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