Bright White Light – Clenchwarton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk-16th February 2017

Location of Sighting: Clenchwarton, Kings lynn, Norfolk.
Date of Sighting: 16/02/2017
Time: 20:15 to 21:00
Witness Name: Mr Leslie Howell
Witness Statement: Saw a large bright light in the western sky over Clenchwarton, the time was 20:15 continued to observe the light until 21:20. sometimes it moved very slowly and sometimes fast and sometimes disappeared for a few seconds. no other colour lights, just bright white. wasn’t a lantern, wasn’t a plane or helicopter, no sound!


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Updated: February 17, 2017 — 5:25 pm


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  1. I think I saw tyhe same thing in Nottingham…. I have a picture as well. How should I go about sending it?

  2. Hi Duncan- 2 options:- Go to submit sighting page and upload to dropbox or email to


  3. Venus. Or check if the Police helicopter was up?

  4. I’ve seen the same many times, over bawsey is a hot spot, search up sightings from jsb

  5. Venus?? Since when did venus act like that?

  6. Alan

    The observer, as usual, describes a bright white light in the sky. His description of it moving is, well, non-descript. Venus is one of the most often mistaken objects for ufos. I can see why it might be suggested although, for me, it doesn’t fit the bill in this case. A helicopter with a spotlight does.

  7. And your nav lights?

  8. Barn owl feathers for rotors?

  9. Perhaps couldn’t be seen, Alan. Of course, as we know on here, most UFO’s have them!

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